U. S. Vice President Joe Biden makes his remarks after touring the America’s Central Port in Granite City, Illinois on February 19, 2014. Biden was on hand to mark the 5th anniversary of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and highlight the importance of investment in infrastructure to create jobs and drive the economy forward.   UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Biden Visits Metro East On 5th Anniversary Of Stimulus Package

More federal money for more infrastructure is the only way to keep the economy going – that’s the message from Vice President Joe Biden.


Paul Ryan (R-WI) (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Opinion: Paul Ryan And His Little White Lies

While Paul Ryan is entitled to his own opinions, he is not entitled to his own facts. He lied to America about Medicare. He lied to America about the debt commission. He really lied to America about the stimulus and America’s debt rating.


Mitt and Ann Romney (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Opinion: Mitt Romney’s Bailout Double Standard

Romney negotiated a $10 million federal bailout for his company, but has called for foreclosures to be allowed to “hit bottom” and letting Detroit go bankrupt.



MoDOT Halfway To Staff Reduction Goal

Officials say reductions won’t impact maintenance, snow removal


UPI/Bill Greenblatt

MO Senate embraces extension of jobless benefits

GOP claims victory despite falling short of demands.



How Has Missouri Been Using Stimulus Dollars?

State Auditor Tom Schweich to release study Thursday.



Proposal Would Fund MO Schools With Stimulus Money

MO House to debate school funding plan


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