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DEA Agent, Worker Charged With Running Strip Club on the Sly

A supervisory agent and a telecommunications specialist for the Drug Enforcement Administration were arrested Wednesday on charges they were running a strip club in New Jersey on the sly.


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Suspects at Large After Illinois Strip Club Shooting

It started as a fight between two women inside the Pink Slip Topless Club in Brooklyn. When two men joined in, the bouncer kicked them all outside – that’s when up to 15 shots were fired.


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North County Woman Admits Housing Brothel, Strip Club

Forty-three-year-old Carmen A. Fluker pleaded guilty Thursday to a federal felony charge of promoting prostitution at the “Yes We Can Social Club.”


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Illinois Police Search for Man After Club Shooting

Authorities believe the shooting is a result of an ongoing feud between residents in the neighboring communities of Madison, Venice and Brooklyn.


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Nuns to March after Suing Chicago-Area Strip Club

Nuns will be hitting the street in suburban Chicago for a march they hope will force a strip club next door to close.


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‘Love Thy Neighbor’? Nuns Sue Nearby Strip Club

Sister Noemia Silva says the nuns “hear the music when they’re praying” and they’re fighting for the club to close.


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Illinois Lawmakers Pass Strip Club Tax

The measure would place an annual surcharge on strip clubs that have live nude dancing and permit alcohol.


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Illinois Lawmaker Proposes Strip Club Tax

A state lawmaker wants to impose a $5 tax on admissions to Illinois strip clubs.


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KC Club Sidesteps Regulations with Videos of Dancers

A Kansas City adult entertainment business has been showing videos of naked dancers next to the stage.


Sorry Kids, Your Library’s Going Topless

What’s a community to do when the feds shut down their topless bar?


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