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Nixon Signs Bill Banning Use of Welfare Funds at Casinos, Strip Clubs

The newly signed law restricts the use of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families cash benefits at such businesses, as well as for items marketed solely for adults.


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Mo. House Bill Aims To Curb Welfare Spending

Bill would make it a crime to spend welfare benefits at casinos, liquor stores and strip clubs.


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New Law Imposes Tax On Illinois Strip Clubs

Tax intended to offset budget cuts in social service programs.


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Ill. House Approves Strip Club Tax

Strip clubs could choose to collect three dollars per customer or pay an annual flat tax.


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Strip Club Tax Stripped

The so called “strip club tax” proposal has been changed enough so that the industry has removed its opposition.


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IL Lieutenant Governor Backs Strip Club Fee Law

Illinois Lieutenant Governor is rallying support for a measure that would charge a five dollar fee on anyone who enters a strip club.


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Debate Continues on Illinois Strip Club Tax

Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon says the $5 tax per customer would offset the sexual assaults related to strip clubs.


Illinois Remains Smoke Free

State Rep. Anthony DeLuca says it should be allowable for adults to smoke, drink, and eat at the same time without government interference.



Club Owner Says No To “Stripper Tax”

Says would force closing of clubs, cost thousands of jobs


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