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SSM Parting Ways With Neurosurgeon Who Operated on Wrong Side of Woman’s Brain

SSM Health Care and Dr. Armond Levy both confirm that his contract was not renewed.


Can My Health Insurance Cover My Children?

Whether or not your health insurance can cover your children depends on your specific policy.


Can My Health Insurance Cover My Spouse?

Whether or not your health insurance can cover your spouse depends on your specific policy.


How Does My Health Insurance Work At The Hospital?

The Affordable Care Act requires that all health insurance policies cover 10 essential benefits, including emergency treatment.


How Do I Use My Health Insurance When I Visit A Doctor?

To maximize the benefits of your insurance policy, you will likely need to choose a doctor from within your health plan’s network.


Evan Harter had all his toes amputated after he walked home during extremely frigid temperatures. (Getty Images)

Kansas Man Who Lost Toes From Frostbite Has Lesson for Others

22-year-old Evan Harter lost his toes after walking for an hour in frigid weather.


The Joint Commission is urging hospitals to do more to prevent surgical instruments from being left inside a patient. (Getty Images)

Report: Too Many Surgical Implements Are Left Behind In Patients

The Joint Commission is urging surgeons and hospitals to cut down on the number of medical objects accidentally left in patients.


Photo: KMOX/Michael Calhoun

1 Year Since Rare Transplant In St. Louis

On Aug. 16, 2012, 34-year-old William Drabant II of Baldwin City, Kan., became the first adult to receive a combination liver-double lung transplant at the center. Only 56 of the surgeries have been performed in the U.S.


St. Louis Cardinals Photo Day

Cardinals Pitcher John Gast Undergoes Surgery

The Cardinals left-handed pitcher John Gast went through surgery today on his left shoulder. Cardinals Senior Vice President/General Manager stated that his return to pitching will be somewhere between eight to 12 months. The level […]


Former Police Officer Set for Spine Surgery to Remove Bullet

A former Florissant Police Officer will undergo spinal surgery next Wednesday to remove a bullet from a shooting in May of last year.