Susan Carlson

Rep. Stacey Newman

Newman Beats Carlson in Unofficial Returns

In the previous election, only one voted separated the two. This time the difference is about one-hundred votes.


Missouri Representatives Susan Carlson and Stacey Newman

Special Election Today In St. Louis County

House members Stacey Newman and Susan Carlson ran against each other in the Aug. 7 primary.


Missouri Representatives Susan Carlson and Stacey Newman

New Election Ordered in St. Louis County House Race

Unofficial tallies showed Stacey Newman had topped Susan Carlson won by one vote.


Mark Reardon: Ann Wagner, Stacey Newman, Susan Carlson

Ann Wagner joins Mark to speak about her Congressional campaign, and Mark discusses the ballot issue that put a House race in question with Representatives Stacey Newman and Susan Carlson.


Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Five Missouri Primary Races Appear Eligible For Recount

The winning margin in five of this week’s Missouri party primary elections appears so narrow that several candidates will be eligible to seek a recount.


Several Missouri Lawmakers Fall In Party Primaries

More than a half-dozen Missouri lawmakers nearly all Democrats do not appear to be headed back to their offices at the state Capitol.


Missouri House 1

Mo. Female Reps Ignored on Contraception Debate

The seven said the lack of acknowledgment during the debate was “disrespectful, despicable and a blatant disregard” to women.



Missouri’s Anti-Sharia Bill Clears Its First Hurdle

The bill’s passage comes less than a week after more than 100 people flocked to the Missouri Capitol for a “Muslim Day” rally.


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