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Tax Refund Scam Has Cost Taxpayers Billions for Years

It was too easy to resist, says one convicted fraud artist. All he needed was a computer and an easily obtained list of stolen social security numbers to steal millions from the IRS.


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Missouri Revenues Under Limit Requiring Refunds

The Missouri auditor’s office says state revenues are under a cap that triggers refunds to taxpayers.


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Missouri Behind Pace in Paying Tax Refunds

The Department of Revenue had nearly 367,000 income tax refunds still pending on May 12, nearly a month after the deadline to file tax returns.


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Missouri Has $167M of Tax Refunds Still to Pay

Several hundred thousand Missouri taxpayers are still waiting for refund checks nearly a month after the tax deadline.


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Missouri Revenues Up 2 Percent over Last Year

A new report shows Missouri revenues were up slightly as the state reached the two-thirds mark of its budget year.


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Where’s My Refund? IRS Tool Answers That Question

The Internal Revenue Service has a message for taxpayers eager to learn the status of their tax refund: Please don’t check the IRS website every five minutes — once a day is enough.


Basic Errors That Can Delay Your Tax Refund

Millions of people are getting a jump on filing their tax returns now that they have received their W-2s and 1099 forms. And for most, the incentive to get moving is to get that tax refund in their bank account as soon as possible.


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Illinois: Billions in Unpaid Bills

The state is late on paying its bills by $4.27 billion, according to the latest quarterly report



Missouri Lawmaker Mel Hancock Dies at 82

The Former U.S. Rep. lent his name to a state constitutional amendment that resulted in tax refunds for millions of Missourians.


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