The Reverend Larry Rice

The Rev. Larry Rice of the New Life Evangelistic Center. Photo: KMOX

Rev. Rice Confronts Belleville Mayor Over Shelter Issue

Mayor Mark Eckert called it sensationalizing


Homeless apply for work at the Galleria, led by the Reverend Larry Rice

Homeless Visit Galleria Looking for Work

“Instead of homeless people sitting in some cooling center wasting their time, they’re going to be applying for jobs,” Larry Rice said.


The Reverend Larry Rice returns to "Integrity Village"

Larry Rice Returns to the Scene of His Arrest

The ACLU says it’s not representing Rice, but believes his rights were violated


Homeless seeking a tent city hold news conference with the Revernd Chris Rice (far right) at New Life Center

Homeless Mission Planning Another Tent City

Embarassed and shut down last week, New Lifers are Regrouping


The Reverend Larry Rice of the New Life Evangelistic Center, lays out plans for homeless tent city

Minister to the Homeless to Defy City Hall’s Warning

The Reverend Larry Rice forsees federal court fight


Resident Antoinette Williams opposes homeless camp in her neighborhood

Shouting Match — Minister Faces Opposition to Dream of Homeless Camp

The Reverend Larry Rice wants homeless tent city near Interstate 44 and Vanderventer


Hopeville, a riverfront tent city for the homeless is demolished, May 11, 2012, (KMOX/Killeen)

Hopeville Wiped Off the Map — Homeless Relocated to Apartments and Motel

City officials plan to fight a minister’s plan to establish a new homeless tent city


City crews knock down Dignity Harbor homeless camp

City Knocks Down Dignity Harbor Homeless Camp

Some of the riverfront homeless sent to St. Louis County motel


The Reverend Larry Rice with marchers at St. Mary's Health Center, protesting death of Anna Brown.

Protestors March on St. Mary’s Hospital in Death of Homeless Woman

St. Louis County police are investigating


New Life Evangelistic Center

“New Homeless” and “Suburban Homeless” Seeking Shelter Downtown

Growing number of homeless recently hit the streets


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