Tom Cruise

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Cruise Underachieves as Jack Reacher

Based on Lee Child’s best-seller, “One Shot”


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Celebrity Neighbors: Experts Weigh In On How It Affects Property Values

Will having a celebrity neighbor help or hurt your home’s value?


Movie heckling similar to now-defunct "Mystery Science Theater 3000" shows are a growing trend in Missouri movie theaters. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers)

‘Mystery Science Theater’ Heckling Thrives In Missouri Movies

Talking back to movies used to attract annoyed stares or the glare of an usher’s flashlight, but now audiences in theaters, comedy clubs and even sports arenas are lining up to hear the heckles.



Overnight America: Ed Bark, Kristen Mascia, Kevin McHale

Kristen Mascia staff writer at People Magazine stops by to tell us what is going on with the naked and famous.  This week the feature is Tom Cruise. Ed Bark TV Critic from stopped […]



“Rock of Ages” a Misguided Musical

You’ve never seen anything like it, and that’s good.



Overnight America: JoAnne Fowler, Ed Bark, Cheffy Baby, Alan Thicke, Keith Radford

JoAnne Fowler Staff Editor from People Magazine called us this morning to give you the weekly dish on what you can find inside People Magazine.  JoAnne talks about Matthew McConaughey’s Wedding to long-time love Camila […]


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