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McMurphy's Cafe in the St. Patrick's Center at Tucker and Convention Plaza. Photo: KMOX/Brian Kelly

St. Patrick Center Renews Efforts to Get Homeless Off Streets

With yesterday’s grand opening of McMurphy’s Cafe, the St. Patrick Center continued its effort to train the homeless so they can get jobs and get off the streets.


McMurphy's Cafe in the St. Patrick's Center at Tucker and Convention Plaza is the re-birth of the old McMurphy's Grill, which employs the homeless and mentally challenged. Photo: KMOX/Brian Kelly

McMurphy’s Cafe Provides Food Industry Training for St. Patrick’s Center’s Homeless, Mentally Challenged Clients

Downtown St. Louis’ newest restaurant just may be the city’s most unique—it actually wants its employees to eventually move on to another job.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, December 10th – Dan Mehan on Medicaid Expansion in Mo.; Jolijt Tamanaha on Farmplicity; Tom Etling of St. Patrick Center; and Bob Steffen on Cars-N-Kids

Charlie talks with Dan Mehan of the Mo. Chamber of Commerce & Industry about expanding Medicaid; with Jolijt Tamanaha, Washington U. student and and creater of Farmplicity; with Tom Etling of St. Patrick Center; and with Bob Steffen, CEO of Cars-N-Kids.


Saturday 5 - 8 a.m. | Sunday 7 - 10 a.m.

TIAM Weekend: A Busy St. Patrick’s Center

CEO of St. Patrick’s Center, Tom Etling, discusses the busy season at the Center.

NewsRadio 1120 KMOX–12/08/2013


St. Patrick Center Celebrates Annual Job Placement Figures

On this Labor Day holiday weekend, St. Patrick Center is celebrating its success in matching up formerly-homeless people with new jobs.


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