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Total Information PM: Fisher Meets St. Louis, Mark on Money,

KMOX’s Kevin Wheeler had a chance to speaker with the Rams new head coach Jeff Fisher. Mark on Money One of the internet’s most popular sites Wikipedia may be blacked out tomorrow to protest the […]


Total Information PM: Mark on Money, Payroll Tax Cut Update

Mark on Money Mark tells us about this weekend’s box office numbers and goes over the St. Louis Film Critics winners of their annual St Louis Film Critics Awards. CBS News Correspondent Bob Fuss tells […]


Total Information PM: Hot Stove Preview, Mark on Money

Sports Hub host Mike Claiborne gives us a preview of tonight’s Hot Stove League Show. Mark on Money Big cost cutting moves were announced today at the US Postal Service. Art Sackler is executive director […]



Total Information PM: Mark on Money, “Nine Days Before the Sky Fell,” Ruckus St. Louis

Mark on Money Four days of great cycling are getting underway for this year’s Gateway Cup. Race Director Amy Strahan has all the details. What was happening around the world in the week before 9/11 […]



Total Information PM – Rooney Report

Cardinals Broadcaster John Rooney reports from New York to preview tonight’s game against the Mets.



Total Information PM – Rooney Report, Museum Caretaker Applicants, Economic Outlook

Rooney Report Cardinals broadcaster John Rooney gives us a preview of tonight’s game against the Baltimore Orioles. Chicago Museum Looking for Caretakers Webster native Beth Boston tells us about The Museum of Science and Industry […]



Total Information PM – Joplin Relief Volunteers, American Idol Auditions

Mark on Money Evan Krauss with the United Way of Greater St. Louis tells us how we can volunteer to help Joplin relief efforts. American Idol Season 11 Auditions Supervising producer Patrick Lynn previews next […]



Total Information PM – Rooney Report, New GOP Presidential Candidate, Race Across America

Rooney Report Cardinals broadcaster John Rooney gives us his thoughts on Albert’s injury and he previews tonight’s series opener against the Philadelphia Phillies. New GOP Candidate Reid Wilson, editor of the Hotline at the National […]



Total Information PM – Thursday, May 19th

Rooney Report Cardinals Broadcaster John Rooney tells us about today’s win over the Houston Astros. Mark on Money Irwin Kellner, chief economist at, gives us the latest jobless claims numbers. Home Run for Heroes […]



Total Information PM – Thursday, May 12th

Mark on Money Today on Capitol Hill, the heads of America’s five biggest oil companies took part in a Senate hearing about the possibility of ending their taxs breaks. Mark recaps the hearing. “Heroin: Killing […]



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