Tower Grove Park

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Top Spots For Graduation Parties In St. Louis

Whether you want to offer a full family celebration or a chance for your grad to blow off steam with fellow students, you’ll find the perfect option in our list of St. Louis’s best grad party locations.


A participant holds a rainbow flag during the gay and lesbian pride parade. (Photo by AFP/Getty/PEDRO ARMESTRE)

Mixed Reviews From LGBT Community About Pride Moving Downtown

It’s being panned on social media by many in the gay and lesbian community. “I know I wasn’t heard on it, I know I didn’t know of any meetings. So what community did they bring it to?”



Great Video on St. Louis Treasure–Tower Grove Park

Tower Grove Park, the area’s only National Historic Landmark park, got a visit from P. Allen Smith in May. He emceed the 2012 Flower Power fundraiser and did a fantastic job. He and his crew […]



The Best Tennis Courts And Clubs in St. Louis

St. Louis is packed with places to lob a tennis ball. From wooded surroundings to climate-controlled indoor courts, and with surfaces ranging from grass to asphalt to post-tensioned concrete, the Lou serves up a court to please every tennis player at these awesome area parks and clubs.


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Top Jogging Trails In St. Louis

Exercise in the city should never have to be about treadmills and smog. St. Louis’ beautiful trails and parks provide the perfect reprieve from traffic, trains and trudging through sludge when the weather isn’t perfect. These are the city’s top trails, offering gorgeous scenery and routes every runner will love.



UPDATE: Man Found Near Tower Grove Park Not Victim of the “Knockout Game”

Police are classifying the case as a “non-criminal incident.”


K3/20/12-Sometime late Monday night, somebody spray-painted Occupy movement-related graffiti on buildings and other fixtures at Compton Hill Reservoir park, Grand at Russell. Other graffiti was found further south on Grand. Police have no suspects. (KMOX/Debbie Monterrey)

‘Occupy’ Activists Accused of Tagging St. Louis with Graffiti

Vandalism turns up at home of city’s Public Safety Director, Tower Grove Park



Teens Target Cyclists In ‘Knockout’ Game

There’s an alert out about recent assaults on bike riders in south St. Louis.



Hail Damages Buildings at Tower Grove Park

Repairs should be completed so weekend events can go on


Magic Chef Mansion on Russell, built 1908

Grand South Grand

It’s the Best Mile of St. Louis! Find out why at the 17th Annual Grand South Grand House and Garden Tour, April 16-17. We’re giving away tickets all week!




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