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New Study Shows Dangers of E-Cigs to Children

Garbutt says in 3 percent of the homes, children have tried to drink the liquid nitrogen, which is potentially fatal.


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Firework Shows Can be Harmful to Your Dog

Dr. Ryan suggests leaving your dog at home, because you don’t know how a dog will react to the noise.



Low-level Radioactive Contamination Found Along Creek

The Army Corps of Engineers says it has found low-level radiological contamination at three sites along Coldwater Creek in St. Louis County.


Examples of the Shelter in Place pamphlets going out to those living near West Lake Landfill. (Brett Blume/KMOX)

Landfill Neighbors Urged to Build ‘Shelter in Place’ Kits

Critical items include plastic sheeting, weather radio, food and water.


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More Homes in St. Louis County Test Positive for Cancer Causing Toxin

A toxic chemical tied to an old manufacturing sight is contaminating the atmosphere inside several St. Louis County homes.



Group Claims 2 Million Lbs. Of Toxic Waste Dumped Into MO Waterways

Mississippi River among most polluted in the nation.


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