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TIAM: The John Edwards Trial, The Komen Race For The Cure, Summer TV Viewing

We talked about the John Edwards trail. Coach Claiborne joins us to talk about the Race for the Cure. What to watch during the summer TV season.



TIAM: Red Light Cameras Revisited, The Edward Jones Dome, The Price Of Art & Matt Roush Of TV Guide

Smile! You’re on a legal traffic camera. What to do with the Edward Jones Dome? How much for that painting in the window? Say goodbye to one of the CSI spinoffs.



TIAM: Internet Sales Tax, Got Compost? & The Last “Desperate Housewives”

Getting tax dollars from the internet. It’s time to compost and the last “Desperate Housewives” is on the way.


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TIAM: It’s Been 1 Year Since Osama Bin Laden Was Killed, Your MSD Bill Is Going To Go Up, The American Red Cross Is Honoring Heroes & TV Guide’s Matt Roush Joined Us

Osama Bin Laden has been dead a year now. MSD is off the federal hook. Honoring read heroes. Ryan Seacrest continues his efforts to be on all major media.


TIAM: St. Louis County Public Library Needs More Money, The MO Botanical Garden & Is This The Best Year Ever For “Mad Men”?

Should you pay more taxes to improve the St. Louis County Library system? The MO Botanical Garden starts a major project. “Mad Men” is simply the best this year.



TIAM: Find Out Where Your Tax Dollars Really Go, Cheating On The Internet & The Today Show Gets Beat

Where does all the money go? Crossing the line from chatting to cheating. The Today Show takes a tumble.



TIAM: Torture Devices, Concealed Carry On Metro, Mike Wallace & More!

We covered a lot of ground today. From a museum of torture devices to concealed carry on Metro to repairing your credit and more.


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TIAM: Back To School Time, A New Kind Of Psuedoephedrine, Killing Head Lice & TV Guide’s Matt Roush.

Helping the kids out. A new kind of meth buster? Killing head lice. Matt Roush on the Katie vs. Sarah battle.



TIAM: The Supreme Court & Health Care & “Mad Men” Is Back

The Supremes go back to work on healthcare today and we talked about the new season of “Mad Men”.


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TIAM: The Afghan Massacre, Credit Reports To Check Job Applicans & Mad Men Returns!

The Afghan killings and what’s happened since then. Your credit report may help you get a job. TV Guide’s Matt Roush.




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