U.S. Coast Guard

Barges loose on Mississippi River on May 30, 2015 (Twitter/@Tim535353)

Barges Break Loose South of St. Louis

UPDATE: Coast Guard says all were secured by early-afternoon, with no injuries or damage


A file photo of the old canal bridge on I-270 in Madison County, Illinois. (Kimberli Green photo)

Old Canal Bridge Coming Down Soon

The Illinois Department of Transportation is making plans for a bridge demolition in Madison County.


Photo: UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Mississippi River Low Again; Rock Removal Begins

The up-and-down Mississippi River is down again, and the Army Corps of Engineers began rock removal efforts Tuesday in an attempt to ensure the river remains open to barge traffic through the winter.


Photo: UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Barge Accident Spills 300 Gallons of Crude Oil into Mississippi River

Hundreds of gallons of oil have spilled into the Mississippi River after a barge accident early Friday morning near Alton.


Coast Guard photo of one of eleven barges that sank south of St. Louis in flood-swollen Mississippi.

Mississippi River Re-Opened to Navigation — Despite Sunken Barges

The watery highway that carries much of the nation’s grain, coal, petroleum and other commodities is shut down until further notice.


file photo courtesy: umsl.edu

UPDATE: Barges Loose Near St. Louis

Jefferson Barracks Bridge was closed for inspection early Sunday, but has since re-opened.


Current view of the St. Louis riverfront looking south from beneath the King Bridge downtown. (KMOX/Brett Blume)

Army Corps of Engineers Will Blast River Rocks In January

Right now, the water level is so low that the rocks threaten to halt barge traffic, leaving thousands of barge workers out of a job.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Major General John Peabody speaks at a Mississippi River news conference in St. Louis on November 16, 2012 (KMOX/Brad Choat)

Shipping Woes Predicted South Of St. Louis

Industry officials fear low Mississippi River water levels in mid-December could force closure of the waterway.



Missouri Woman Rescurers Honored

Lindsey Burgess of Park Hills was hiking with her fiance when she slipped on rocks along the river bank at Niaraga Falls and fell into the water near the Niagara Whirlpool.



Branson Showboat Returns After Running Aground

The Showboat Branson Belle has been docked since it ran aground Dec. 11, leaving more than 600 passengers safe but stranded overnight.



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