Cards Lay Down Rules for U2 Fans

The concert is expected to break Busch Stadium records.



Total Information PM – U2 Arrives At Busch, Phone Bill Cramming, Budget Battles

Dave Gerardi tells us about the U2 concert taking place Sunday at Busch Stadium. Bob Sullivan talks about the problem of phone bill cramming. Adam Carter tells us why the budget battle in Minnesota is endangering Miller Beer.



Total Information PM – U2 at Busch, Debt Limit Talks

Vicky Bryant tells us about the U2 concert at Busch Stadium next weekend and Reid Wilson tells us about the President’s conference on debt limit negotiations.


Busch Stadium ground crews begin pulling up the playing field in St. Louis on July 10, 2011 as preperations are being made for the U2 concert on July 17. The field will be repleaced with new sod for the St. Louis Cardinals to play on when they return home on July 25.    UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Bringing U2 To Busch Transforms Stadium

Sod gives way to sound equipment, stage for biggest concert since the Beatles.



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