St. Louis Taxi Drivers Sue Uber, Citing Dip in BusinessThe damages sought in a class-action case would be less than $5 million.
Uber Will Deliver Kittens to You TodayThe Uber Kittens service will be available from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in St. Louis today only.
Uber Wants Taxi Commission Suit Moved to Federal CourtThe Metropolitan Taxicab Commission is asking for a temporary restraining order against the ride service because it launched without approval.
St. Louis Taxicab Regulator Files Suit Against UberThe battle between St. Louis-area taxicab regulators and Uber has escalated again with a new lawsuit that seeks to stop operation of the ride-hailing company in the region.
St. Louis' Latest Tech 'Gets' - Pandora, UberThis news comes a couple of weeks after Square, the mobile payments company, announced it'll open its fourth U.S. office in St. Louis, and will eventually hire 200-plus people.
Rogue UberX Drivers Give Thousands of Rides, Get No TicketsThere were no reports of UberX drivers being ticketed Friday through Sunday.
UPDATE: St. Louis County Will Ticket Uber Drivers, City Won'tNot content to wait and see what the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission decides today, the company activated its UberX ride service in the city and county this morning.
Taxi Commission To Vote On Uber Proposals -- What's Different This Time?Authors of both proposals say they've taken inspiration from the dozens of other U.S. cities who dealt with the issue long ago.
Metro Taxi Commissioner Files Federal Complaint Against His ColleaguesChris Sommers who sits on the taxi commission says the commission is being anti-competitive.
New App 'Goober' Is Like 'Uber' Except It's Allowed in St. LouisTyler Kessler says when you request a ride with Goober, you'll see the car drive in circles but never stop.
Documents Reveal Uber Rift is WideningToday is the day local leaders hoped to have an 'Uber summit,' to break the stalemate that, some say, is making St. Louis a national embarrassment.
Uber Effort Stalls at Taxicab CommissionWith warring proposals flying until the last second, Metropolitan Taxicab Commissioners didn't vote Wednesday on rules for ride-share services like UberX. The meeting began with a bang but ended with a whimper.
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