unaccredited school districts

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Nixon Upholds Vow to Veto Student Transfer Bill

Missouri’s chief executive calls bill a “dangerous voucher scheme.”


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Senate Reduces Aid to Normandy to $1.5M

The district contended they would have to have $5 million to make it through the academic year without becoming insolvent. The House approved the $5 million, but the Senate didn’t go along.


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Faith Based Group Believes New Study Can Fix Unaccredited Districts

Missouri hired consultant, the Cities for Education Entrepreneurship Trust, in hopes to revamp struggling school districts.


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Bill To Change School Funding and Teacher Tenure

The main portion of the bill is focused on dealing with the unaccredited metropolitan districts in St. Louis and Kansas City, but some think the changes would affect schools throughout Missouri.


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Mo. Omnibus Education Bill Moves Forward

“I would argue that the bill may, in fact, help students in St. Louis and in Kansas City, but it is broadsweeping throughout the state.”



Charter School Accountability Bill at Standstill

The bill would create higher accountability standards for charter schools as well as allowing them to expand to more unaccredited districts.



Missouri Lawmakers to Deal with Unaccredited Schools

The issue, which is before the courts, has the potential to allow droves of students to leave the unaccredited schools.


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