US Army Corps of Engineers

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Officials: Despite Rain Barge Traffic on Missouri River Restricted

The corps expect the navigation system to only be shorten by four days but if the drought deeps navigation season could be shorted by as much as 27 days.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Major General John Peabody speaks at a Mississippi River news conference in St. Louis on November 16, 2012 (KMOX/Brad Choat)

Shipping Woes Predicted South Of St. Louis

Industry officials fear low Mississippi River water levels in mid-December could force closure of the waterway.


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Levee Breach in Northwest Mo.

Missouri River situation not considered to be life-threatening, but some evacuations were ordered Sunday.


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Debris Removal Set to Begin in Joplin

No decision where tons of rubble will go.


In Effort To Save Homes, Army Corps Blows Up Levee To Flood Farm Fields

New 500 Year Levee Planned for Missouri?

Pike, Lincoln and St. Charles counties are about to become the new expendable farm land floodway.


CAIRO, IL - APRIL 27:  April 27, 2011 in Cairo, Illinois. Severe storms have caused rivers and streams to rise in parts of southeastern Missouri and southwestern Illinois. (Photo by Whitney Curtis/Getty Images

Corps will Wait on Levee Break

Army Corps says it’s waiting on river forecasts.


Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon

Gov. Nixon Objects to Planned Levee Breach

Nixon warns breach could flood acres of prime farmland


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