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5 Must-Watch Weekend Events for the St. Louis Sports Enthusiast

It’s a long three-day sports weekend for St. Louis fans, so here’s your list of what games to watch and when through Labor Day.

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University of Illinois Student Arrested For ‘Terrorist-Like Threats’

The Champaign News-Gazette reports Dany Sammak was arrested Saturday after he made what authorities said were “terrorist-like threats” and made shooting gestures with his hands.


Gun Control

Poll: Support For Stricter Gun Control at 10-Year High

Fifty-seven percent of Americans now say gun control laws should be made more strict, according to the poll, conducted Dec. 14 – 16.



Concussion Worries Filter Down From NFL To Youth Football Leagues

New Wash U study to look at long-term effects of concussions, such as depression.


football helmet

Is Your Child’s Football Helmet Adequate?

Technology makes newer helmets better.


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Study Shows NFL Players Wore Low-Rated Helmets

There is general consensus that concussions cannot be eliminated from football.


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