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Waitress Fired For Calling Cops On Woman Drinking Booze While Breastfeeding

A waitress at a local pizzeria was let go by employers after she called the police on a woman she saw drinking alcohol while breastfeeding a newborn child.


Screen grab of the receipt posted by the waitress on Reddit. (Credit: Reddit.com)

Pastor Refuses To Leave Waitress Tip Because She Gives ‘God 10 Percent’

A Friday night meal at Applebee’s resulted in more than either the customer or a waitress working that night bargained for after the former’s written refusal to pay a tip was shared online by the latter.


Charged with mob action and aggravated battery in a public place are: 21 year old Sharrell Evans, 22 year old Britley Green and 44 year old Geneen Green.

3 Charged in Attack on Red Lobster Waitress

A witness at the restaurant said the women were upset because the waitress was filling their water glasses too often.



Another Assault on a Waitress at Fairview Hts Red Lobster

Server was hit with a water glass


Pair Face Prison For “Skimming” Credit Cards At Metro East Eatery

Used handheld device to swipe account information from customers.



Video: Red Lobster Waitress Attacked By Customers

Police continue to look for four women who allegedly beat up a waitress at a Red Lobster Restaurant in Fairview Heights.


Ga. Man Convicted in 1976 Death of Mo. Waitress

Conviction in 1976 old Mid-Missouri Murder


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