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Measles Make it to Illinois; How Safe are Children in St. Louis?

“If a baby gets the measles, it could be absolutely devastating,” says SLU Care pediatrician Dr. Ken Haller. “That’s why it’s just really incumbent on everyone to make sure that anyone who can get vaccinated, does get vaccinated.”


Homeless Robber Chased Down By Witnesses

Dog walker was punched in the face after handing over her wallet.



Summer 2012: Not An Anomaly But The New Normal

Number of heat waves per summer have doubled since the 1940’s.



St. Louis Landlords Could Soon Be Feeling The Heat

Might be required to maintain tenants’ AC units.


6/29/12-St. Louis city health director Pam Walker is worried about the cumulative effect of day after day of 100-degree heat in the forecast, especially on the sick and elderly. "These brick buildings heat up and people are going to suffer." (KMOX/Brett Blume)

Advice On How To Keep Your Cool During Heat Wave

Drink water, avoid alcohol, eat less, and dress in light clothing. And check shut-ins regularly.


KMOX/Kevin Killeen

Steam Pipe Cleanup In Final Stages

Airborne asbestos doesn’t appear to be a concern.


flip flop2

Woman Charged In Lebanon Bank Heist

Bright green flip-flops found in suspect’s trash.



Plan to Build New St. Louis Animal Shelter Moves Into Phase 2

City shifting funds around to convert building on W. Florissant into shelter, shut down outdated Gasconade facility for good.


Body Found

Police ID Man Gunned Down In East St. Louis

Anyone with information about the shooting is being asked to call East. St. Louis police.


6/6/11-St. Louis city health director Pam Walker (center in red blazer) held a special, all-staff meeting Monday morning to discuss their response to the heat advisory that's in effect through Wednesday evening. (KMOX/Brett Blume)

City Health Officials Plan Heat Advisory Response

Health director stresses checking on elderly family members, neighbors in person to make sure they’re using AC.