Waller McGuire


Appreciating Architecture and Renewal

Travel around the nation, and often, you can’t tell where you are. Every strip mall with their chain stores looks like same. From the interstate with its sound-barriers, you could be in Kansas or Colorado or Ohio. Fortunately in St. Louis, some are fighting hard to preserve our unique architecture.


Officials pull on a giant ribbon during dedication ceremonies at the main library in St. Louis on December 9, 2012. .UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Central Library Reopens to the Public

The $70 million renovation took more than two years to complete.


The main branch of the St. Louis Library stands and ready to reopen its doors in St. Louis on December 5, 2012. After being closed for two years and following a $70-million rehabilitation, the 100 year old facility reopens to the public on December 9, 2012. UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Total Information PM: Mark On Movies & The New Downtown Library

The St. Louis Public Library downtown Central Library re-opens this Sunday to show off its $70 million renovation. Waller McGuire joins us in studio.


Protestor Conroy House with construction workers at main library downtown

Threatened “Shutdown” of Downtown Library Work a Fizzle in the Drizzle

Organizer of planned “shutdown” is a no-show, as demonstators picket in the rain.


Protestors outside St. Louis Public Library worksite

St. Louis Public Library Construction Project Accused of Discrimination

Protestors threaten shutdown of the jobsite, unless more blacks are hired.


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