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workers comp

Workers’ Comp Costs Could Rise for Missouri Businesses

Missouri businesses could face significantly higher costs for workers’ compensation insurance next year, due partly to a new law that seeks to shore up a financially troubled state fund for disabled workers.


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Aging Workforce Changes Workers’ Compensation Trends

Trends in workers’ compensation claims show baby boomers, those over age 50, are costing their companies some big bucks for minor injuries.


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Missouri Lawmakers Pass Changes to Workers’ Comp Claims

The legislation replenishing an insolvent state fund for disabled workers and changing the way people get compensation for job-related illnesses.



Missouri House Approves Bill on Suing Co-Workers

The bill would allow such lawsuits only in cases where one worker “purposefully and dangerously” injures another.


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Nixon Signals Compromise on Workers’ Comp

The governor now says he would be open to a compromise with Republican lawmakers.


Missouri Senate Votes to Override Veto on Workers’ Comp

Senators voted 24-9 to override the veto.


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Bill Limiting Employee Lawsuits Moves Forward

Employee’s may soon face restrictions on how much they can receive in damages from a workplace injury.


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