(Heather Charles/ Chicago Tribune)

Charlie Brennan – August 15th

Charlie talks about Dream Relief Day for adult children of illegal immigrants; with Liz Schmidt about actions to prevent TIF money for a new WalMart in Ellisville; with Mike Howard of Youthbridge about a competition for seed money for non-profit organizations; and with Mike Shannon, STL Cardinals Broadcaster.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, August 30th

Rick Faccin refuses his raise in Madison County, IL…Cheech Ramirez talks about being a victim of a “knockout king” assault in Tower Grove…U.S. Cong. Todd Akin addresses the payroll tax cut issue…Gene McNary gives his take on easing the lifetime gambling ban…and, Rex Reed of Youthbridge offers $25,000 worth of grant money to other non-profit organizations who help children’s causes.