ballpark village 41 Ballpark Village plan forges ahead

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The St. Louis Cardinals announced Friday that their planned development near Busch Stadium is moving forward.

Ballpark Village isn’t back from the dead — it never died, claims Cardinals President Bill DeWitt III, “As you know, there are a lot of aspects to a deal like this that have to come together. In the past, it seems like we’d get really close and one of those aspects would fall apart.”

But now, they’ve all come together.

DeWitt III says he has the financing in place for the first big piece of Ballpark Village, “The first phase would include two very large blocks that make up 100,000 feet of retail entertainment and a 225,000 foot office tower.” 

Dewitt says a major tenant has agreed to occupy 12 stories of the tower — but he won’t reveal who the tenant is for now.

He also hinted that the Cardinals would buy some of the bonds for the project, if necessary.

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  1. STU KATZ says:

    A I will believe it when I see it.
    B. Talk is cheap especially when you are doing it with someone
    elses money.
    C. The mayor bitches about crime and rotten gangs, but takes
    significant tax dollars away from the schools by funding DeWitt’s Folly.

    The new tennant for the villiage? A company that is moving 5 blocks south. How does that help the St. Louis economy?

    I pitty the poor fools in St. Louis who are watching their city being flushed down the commode by the mayor and the politico’s who suck up to the Cardinals.

    Wait a minute, those kids from the city are getting on a bus and going to school at any district they choose. That means that all of the taxpayers are being shafted because Dewitt is getting TIF millions free of charge so he can build another softball field.

    If the idea was so good in the first place, why shouldn’t the guys profiting from the venture pay for it? Ans. Why should they when they have a city full of patsy’s that will throw money at them.

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