JERSEYVILLE, Ill. (KMOX) – Illinois State police say alcohol may have been a factor in a deadly crash along Route 16 in Jersey County, Saturday evening.

Forty-nine-year-old Thomas McEuen of Elsah died when his pickup truck hit a guardrail and overturned.

Troopers say McEuen had not been wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from the wreckage.

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Comments (4)
  1. stuzooman says:

    At least this drunken fool won’t harm any innocent victims.

    The Dept of Transportation wants every new car owner to pay $200 for a rear view television camera so an estimated 700 kids won’t be run over annually. Laudable goal, but an example that bureaucrats have not gotten the message.

    I don’t want someone to force me to pay for something I have never done, or will ever do.

    “Oh but if we save just one child’s life”. Hockey puck! That one kid will cost car buyers billions. Want to save lives? Put an alcohol detector in cars so drunks like this hoosier won’t kill innocents by the tens of thousands.

    The good news about this accident is that the guy killed himself, I feel sorry for the EMT’s who had to use a blotter to pick up the leftover parts, but it cured that guy of drunk driving.

  2. Kur says:

    No matter what the situation was, I think we need to remeber that was someone’s dad, son and brother.

    1. stuzooman says:

      Think about what your said. If that was someone’s dad, son, brother or husband, perhaps they should have intervened and got this drunk off of the road before he killed himself.

      I think you should worry about the innocent victims who are killed by drunks.

      I think your should worry about victims like the Amish lady who will be crippled for life, because an underinsured driver looked down at 70 mph to use his cell phone.

      I think you should be concerned, that people take responsibility for their actions, and that actions have consequences.

      I think you should be concerned not for some dead drunk, but for the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives who lost their loved one, because of bleeding hearts that did not intervene and get these drunks off of the roads.

      Concern yourself about the judges who slap drunks on the wrist and let them out to create mayhem again and again.

      The hell with his guy, he got what he deserved and Thanks to God that he did not hurt an innocent.

      There is a special place in hell for drunk drivers, and this guy is headed there.

  3. ANF says:

    Actually, there’s a special place in hell for foul mouth fools such as yourself. To have a generalized opinion about drinking and driving is one thing but to have a complete lack of respect for someones family member and friend is absurd. I think people get the message by the article alone about this said “hoosier.” Who says something like that? In all seriousness, I’m sure you’re a totall angel that drives with their hands at ten and two…never putting an innocent life in danger…making no mistakes. Get real. There was one life lost in this if you think going on a total rampage in your comment, calling someone names, and saying their going to hell is getting the point accross more thoroughly…your sorrily mistaken. Why don’t you take that garbage to the courthouse steps and have some respect for others and the loved one they just lost.

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