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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) –  When hoodlums placed a fake order and then showed up to rob a pizza delivery man last week, St. Louis police were laying in wait.

They shot one of the suspects when he pointed a gun at them and ended up making two arrests.

It was all thanks to an informal info-sharing network which alerts other pizza places when one of them is robbed, and was based on the fact that two other pizza delivery people had been held up at gunpoint earlier that evening.

Dave Mayer with Elicia’s Pizza, one of the stores hit by robbers last week, thinks the system could be expanded with help from police and the local restaurant association.

“And it doesn’t have to be just pizza,” Mayer tells KMOX News.  “It could be Chinese, y’know, any type of food delivery restaurant, where that restaurant would be responsible for calling five of their competitors, five of their other stores.”

He envisions that branching out like a phone-tree, but using modern technology like the Internet and hand-held devices.

Mayer believes it may prevent future hold-ups and could even save someone’s life.
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Comments (4)
  1. stuzooman says:

    Well this type of “news” needs to spread to the gangsters who plan this type of nonsense.

    I am glad the vulnerable restaurants have figured out a way to protect themselves, Instant messaging via cell phone or internet would help.

    As I said when this first came out, too bad the police were such bad shots, they could have saved the State some big bucks, no need for a trial. It would stop the armed robberies.

  2. Kayla Green says:

    why do they have to gangsters? why couldnt it be just a regluar person trying to life. i know its not right but you shouldn’t described the person as a gangster. Some people take that in a wrong way….

    1. stuzooman says:

      Kayla, follow the argument from the beginning. The group of “fine citizen children” rob a pizza delivery boy at gunpoint. That is armed robbery.

      That victims boss calls his other stores and neighborhood competitiors and says “look out for someone ordering a specific type of Pizza to be delivered.”

      Pizza Parlor #2 gets the same order, calls the police who stake out the second location, the robbers appear and start firing.

      What in the heck do you call a group that robs one person and starts shooting at the cops who break up their second robbery attempt of the night.

      Well you won’t call them a ganster, because some people take that the wrong way.

      What do you call them? What? I am waiting, saints, angels, or armed punks who would rob and steal from an innocent.

      Get a life, don’t you understand what these people are doing, these are punks, killers armed robbers and you want to make excuses for them. Oh they don’t have a nice job so they revert to armed robbery.

      If that is ok by your standards, I feel so sorry for you. There is no explaining or solving a thought pattern like that. Your remark is outrageous.

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