img 1058 DOTs get ready for weekend

With the forecast calling for rain, sleet, snow, wind and cold, road crews on both sides of the Mississippi are getting ready for a busy weekend.

 Mo-DOT has 220 pieces of equipment on stand-by, I-DOT has 202. Both say they have enough salt and other storm fighting tools to handle whatever comes our way.

Mo-DOT Maintenance Superintendent Owen Hasson says with only a quarter inch of snow predicted by their weather service, his should be a good warm-up for bigger snows later, “It’s always good to go into the season with a couple of light events, get our feet back wet.”

 I-DOT Operations Engineer Joe Monroe says his forecasters are predicitng a little more snow, but the cold temperatures and high winds that will follow are what concern him, “Salt’s not very effective when it drops down into the teens, so we want to try to be proactive in front of it as much as we can.”

Hasson says those high winds could actually assist crews, “After the rain falls if the winds start picking up they helps dry off those roads and if the snow falls it helps blow it off and blow it around some.”

But Monroe says if there’s enough snow, the winds could add to the problem, “Particularly in areas where snow drifts or collects, if you’ve got an area where the roadway’s a little bit below the surrounding ground it’s a good place for all that snow to collect.”

Hasson says there’s no use putting out salt brine before the system moves in, because the rain will just wash it away.  If you saw trucks spraying something on the roads Friday, Monroe says those were just test runs making sure everything is ready to go.

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