illinois capitol Illinois answers call to be more transparent

SPRINGFIELD, Ill . (IRN) — Have you ever stopped to think about  how much money Illinois budgeted for many agencies compared to what it spent? 

The governor’s office is boasting about a couple of new documents that it has posted on its website, but a consumer group wants more of a specific kind of documents.

The revenue and expenditure documents for all of last fiscal year and for the first quarter of this fiscal year, at only three pages each for nearly all of state government, are found at

Kelly Kraft, spokeswoman for the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget, said, “This is something that’s never been done before.” She says many organizations had wanted this information before audits were released about a year and a half after the money had been spent.

Meanwhile, a group called Good Jobs First is hailing Illinois as being good at posting information on the names of companies that win tax breaks, grants, and other subsidies for job creation. In the group’s report, called “Show Us the Subsidies,” the state was given a “B” for this information, with the only significant information omitted being from the film tax credit program.

Illinois Public Interest Research Group advocate Sonia Ashe says while she wants to see what’s going on with the film industry, she says it’s good that taxpayers can look at the perks given to companies, and use that to find out whether the dollars were wasted, or really did bring jobs to Illinois.

Reported by: Melissa Hahn 

Copyright Illinois Radio Network

  1. Sarah says:

    Lets ask these questions:

    HOW do ppl w no college degrees get hired over my fellow peers who are suffering…..the good ole boys

    HOW does IL explain FORCED fmla days…in other words….unpaid days off….from ppl in SOCIAL SERVICES ie DCFS for example


    ILLINOIS STATE DIDNT EVEN PAY THEIR LANDLORD FOR DCFS FOR A FULL YEAR…..A FULL YR!!!! On 7th & Monroe…these ppl FORCED to move after 20+ years of being in the same building!!

    Only in IL can the MAYOR of Chicago be more important than the GOVERNOR!! & Chicago is absolutely 110% the reason why IL has become ‘Ill & Annoyed”

    few more points…

    ever stop to consider why we cant even get FRESH PRODUCE in IL? The laws…cater to companies such as Monsanto…I mean, am I the only one that sees the harm in having these ‘strategic partnerships’ w/ countries like CHINA….Corn to Ethanol Research is KILLING US!!! LITERALLY!!!

    We cant even get GOOD CORN in IL anymore bc they a) throw it away for ethanol research or b) feed it to COWS!! That in turn makes their insides ROT….and thats what the CHILDREN are being fed in the school system!!

    I grew up in Springfield, IL. I will never…..ever…in life…..raise my OWN children there.

    Take a strong look at the hospitals as well….Why keep Doctors in IL when they are teaching in the Psych wards not to believe in GOD!!!! And these SIU doctors are getting paid upwards of 24k/mo from ONE PATIENT …from the Insurance companies!! I was sexually, mentally & physically ABUSED in Memorial Medical Center…..& why u ask? BC SPRINGFIELD POLICE KNOW I KNOW ‘TOO MUCH’

    The Industries of Death… right in ILLINOIS


    I JUST HOPE & PRAY ITS PEACEFUL!! But considering the only doctors they can KEEP in Illinois are the ones who TELL THEIR PATIENTS that God isnt real??


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