img 0541 Protestors accuse Bank of America of Scrooge style foreclosure

Mary and Mike Boehm accuse Bank of America of unfair foreclosure

CLAYTON, MO — (KMOX)– Police arrested six people for trespassing on the steps of Bank of America — during a foreclosure protest in support of a south St. Louis county couple facing the loss of their home right after Christmas.

Singing mock Christmas Carols accusing Bank of America of greed,  the crowd of more than 60 protestors marched up and down the sidewalk in support of Mike and Mary Boehm. 

The Boehms claim they have never missed a payment,  but when he was out of work for eight months, they applied for a “modified” loan with Bank of America,  making $1,000 payments, instead of their normal $1,400 payments.  

“We made our payments on time,” Mary Boehm said, “Now they were the modified payments, but it was exactly what Bank of America told us to send in.  And we never heard anything about how you could still be foreclosed in the middle of a modification process until last month.”

img 0537 Protestors accuse Bank of America of Scrooge style foreclosure

Protestors at the Bank of America location on Forsyth in Clayton

Echoing complaints heard by people facing foreclosure nationwide,  the Boehms claim that Bank of America repeatedly asked them to send in their paperwork related to the loan modification process, and repeatedly claimed to have lost it or never received it. 

“I’ve done everything they asked us to do,” Mike Boehm said,  “We filled out all the applications sometimes two or three times, after they lose it or can’t find it, whatever the case.”

When asked whether Bank of America is really “losing” his paperwork , or just giving him the run around to get his house,  Boehm shrugs.

“I want to believe they just lost it, but after 408 days of doing everything they said and they still can’t approve us for a modification, I don’t know what the answer is anymore,” Mike Boehm said.

The Boehms were seeking an immediate approval of their modification terms,  a halt to all foreclosure proceedings, and forgiveness of any late charges.  

img 0533 Protestors accuse Bank of America of Scrooge style foreclosure

No one from Bank of America in St. Louis was authorized to talk about the case.   KMOX was directed to contact a spokesman in another city, Richard Simons, who issued a statement about the Boehms situation:

  •   To be perfectly clear, the Boehm’s loan is not in foreclosure at this time. Once started, the foreclosure process takes some time to complete. There is no immediate threat of their home going to a foreclosure sale.


  • ·         Our home retention team does have the Boehm’s mortgage under review for modification possibilities, and was requesting required documentation as recently as this month.


  • ·         Based on the latest financial information provided by the Boehms, their current mortgage, tax and insurance payments total less than 31 percent of gross income, which is the mandatory affordable payment target of the Home Affordable Modification Program. For this reason, they are likely to be declined for the government program on final review, because they are already paying less than the government program would provide.


  • ·         Assuming we cannot approve them for HAMP, we will review their loan for consideration under an alternative modification plan; however any alternative will be subject to approval of the mortgage investor who holds the loan.


  • ·         A homeownership retention associate will be contacting them to discuss the current status of their modification request. We will conduct further review of contacts with them to clarify and address any discrepancies in our understanding of their modification history.

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Comments (8)
  1. Kathleen Logan Smith says:

    Bank of America should be held accountable. They told the family the modification process would take 45 days. This is day 408 and the Bank has “lost” paperwork on numerous occasions, “lost” faxes, and put these folks through the ringer and now they are threatening to foreclose. Hey BOA- Got competence?

    1. Gravers says:

      Welcome to our world! This needs to stop. I have requested several meeting with this organization and have be declined. I am in the process of filing charges for forging documents among other issues. Good luck everyone who has had to live in this nightmare. oh and we got the same email from Obama he has to be very uninformed to let his people generate such a letter.

  2. Ed Golterman says:

    What a horrible year for these good people. The banks
    in St. Louis have taken an horrendous beating over two decades funding failed downtown project after failed downtown project. They make big bad decisions and small bad decisions and the results are ….bad.

  3. Gregory Lemke says:

    Dear friends

    Please help us get the message out about Bof A abuses in the home loan modifications. Checkout and leave us a statement send a letter to your elected.

    Gregory Lemke

  4. Mark says:

    I arrived to the rally late, and never heard any instructions from the police that we would be arrested for going to the bank to talk about loan modifications. I guess if you want to talk to the bank, you have to get past the bank’s police first. Oh well, next time I’ll just bank somewhere else.

    1. Gregory Lemke says:

      How to fight back for your home loan Modification! Body: 1. File for a home modification then if the bank fails to reply to your request, file a notice to the bank your working with that you are going to file a complaint with the office of The OCC who examines national banks to ensure their safe and sound financial condition and ensures compliance with applicable banking laws, rules and regulations. The CAG was established to assist customers who have questions or
      complaints involving national banks. For additional information on the OCC and
      CAG please visit this internet site

      2. After your file your complaint with OCC on line, send a
      letter to your Senator telling them you filed a complaint OCC representing what
      the bank has failed to do and how they continue to refuse to provide a home
      modification to you in a timely matter, enclose the case number from OCC office
      as you will have already filed a complaint. Also enclose your loan modification
      number if you have already applied for and got no real response to your request
      for a home loan modification. Then contact an attorney and your Senator with
      your concerns and complaints.

      3. After 30 days you may contact your attorney. Ask the attorney to write a
      letter for you with regards to how the bank is failing to resolve your request
      for a home modification and, in the letter he must send a statement of hardship
      telling the bank if they should fail to resolve this matter, they stand to lose
      money. Also send your complaint letter with case number to your attorney for
      follow up for fact finding after you have called him and asked for his or her

      4. Should you need any help feel free to look at my page on John Site as I have
      post records for review as an example. Gregory Dean Lemke fights back. Also you
      may contact me at Okay…Make a complaint to your elected

      Go to the consumer issues and review your rights.

      It’s best to have a prepaid legal membership in place while you work to get your home loan modification through the system. Feel free to call me if you have any questions Gregory Lemke 360-474-8047

      John’s link:

      Greg’s Link:

      New memberships are the same, you just sign up for the membership and decided if you do not want to be an associate sales person. Click on the “Enroll Now”, lower left on your website to sing up. You must decide membership and plans.

      The reason I used prepaid legal is that I had access to a attorney to direct me and a legal firm represented my concerns in the letter they sent for us. This is what I believe pushed the Modification through.

      There are 2 plans:

      1. Standard Family Plan with Legal Shield and Identity Theft Shield is $26.95/month with a onetime $10 enrollment fee.
      2. Expanded Family Plan with Legal Shield and Identity Theft Shield is $35.95/month with a onetime $10 enrollment fee.

      The difference between the 2 plans is that the Expanded Plan has increased hours under the Trial Defense Service (if they are sued). They can see the details on your website. The coverage may differ by state, but they can see that on the website when they select their state.

      A message from the President Obama

      Dear Friend:

      Thank you for writing. I have heard from Americans who are unemployed, burdened by high medical bills, having difficulty paying their mortgage, or dealing with the loss of their home, and I understand the daunting challenges faced across our country.

      Today, even as our economy recovers, many individuals and families are still struggling to stay in their homes. As part of my Administration’s comprehensive plan to stabilize the housing market, the Making Home Affordable Program is helping responsible families avoid foreclosure by making payments more affordable and sustainable. While many Americans have received help, far too many still cannot refinance their mortgages or obtain loan modifications.

      Along with these changes, we have strengthened the program with a simpler, faster application process so borrowers can modify their payments and avoid foreclosure. For Americans whose homes have lost value, my Administration’s plan improves refinancing opportunities. We are also requiring more accountability and transparency from participating mortgage servicers, and have published servicers’ monthly progress reports. The financial reforms I signed into law build on these policies by putting in place the strongest consumer financial protections in history, curbing abuses by mortgage companies and giving their customers the information they need to make financial decisions.

      For assistance with a home foreclosure or to find a local housing counselor, I encourage you to call your mortgage servicer directly, speak with a housing specialist at 1-888-995-HOPE, or contact the Department of Housing and Urban Development at 1-800-569-4287. You can also visit or If you have lost your home and are looking for housing assistance, please visit: Information on jobs, health benefits, and other public resources available to those in need can be found by calling 1-800-FEDINFO or visiting:

      The road ahead will be difficult, but as a nation, we can once again secure the American dream for ourselves and future generations.


      Barack Obama


      Gregory Dean Lemke

      Help and Frequently Asked Questions about National Banks from OCC’s
      Help with complaints and answers to frequently asked questions about national
      banks from OCC’s

  5. Susie Sanchez says:

    I too have fallen for BofA’s BS! I applied for a modification October 1st, 2008. I have been through everything from wrong information provided to paperwork lost and even accused of denying my modification. I have also tried 2 diferent trial payments. Long story short, I never qualified to beging with. Why you ask??? I previously modified to lower my interest in 2006 or so. It took BofA 2 years to let me know. I will NEVER use them again!!! We were actually on time with our payments when we were offered these “magical” trial payments, only putting us behind. I was set-up!

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