FENTON, Mo. (KMOX) – Richard LaViolet isn’t afraid to call it “a tax revolt.”

LaViolet has approval from the Secretary of State to begin collecting signatures for a constitutional amendment that would do away with Missouri’s personal property tax.

LaViolet thinks the taxes on cars , RVs,  boats,  farm machinery and manufactured homes are “a nuisance,” but one that can’t be ignored.

“It’s as if your renting your personal property from the state. If you don’t pay the tax the state can appropriate our asset” said LaViolet.

He now has until April 30th 2012 to collect 235,000 signatures to get the constitutional amendment on the November ballot that year. 

He plans to hire a firm to help collect signatures.

Missouri officials estimate abolishing the personal property tax would cost the state and local governments more than a billion dollars a year.

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Comments (6)
  1. chuck says:

    I too am tired of renting my own personal property. Where do I sign!

    1. Barbara Vickers says:

      Please follow up with how I can get on that signature list! And I know plenty more people who will sign it too!

  2. Mr. Gadsden says:

    I love how Missouri officials estimate it will “cost the state” vs. “save the tax payer” more than a billion dollars a year….you just can’t make this stuff up.

    They, all politicians, really do view your property, which includes your money, as their property that they let you hold for them.

    How generous of them….thank you sirs, may I have another….

  3. justin says:

    Sales tax should also be paid only on new things not used that’s crap and also 2x taxation we are American citizens Whats really free in this country we are taxed to the max on everything to just give our money to a government who doesn’t care about anyone unless it fits their agenda. It easy to understand this so called government just follow the money. I foresee a revolution in the near future,we are further away from the constitution than ever before when is this anarchy going to stop? Our gov. has failed the American people all they can do is rebuild other country’s the gov. should take care of their own people before other country’s.

  4. Ed says:

    Of all the taxes that I am forced to pay this one pisses me off the most.Taxing people on there personal property is immoral.It’s like paying a penalty for owning something. Where do I sign and how can I help?LaViolet you are my hero!!

  5. Jim Imhoff says:

    Like the National debt our legislators and some voters are asleep on the Propertry Tax issue, if Property aren’t unconstitunal they should be. Have someone who favors Property Taxes explain to you where the fairness is.

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