img 2518 Big dreams fuel big Mega Millions ticket sales

KMOX/Brett Blume


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) –  Selina Evans knows what she’s going to do if she ends up holding the winning Mega Millions lottery ticket in Friday night’s drawing.

“I’ll make sure my Momma has a house and my sister has a house,” she says, visions of dollar signs dancing in her head.

But she has other dreams besides sharing the wealth with family members.

“I’d probably go build a college in the city for nursing,” says Evans, a nursing student herself.

A single winning Mega Millions ticket drawn New Year’s Eve would be worth about $237 million, according to Missouri Lottery officials.

That would be the second-largest jackpot in the game since Missouri started selling Mega Millions tickets the first of this year.

“That would be a really good start to 2011, to put it mildly,” laughs Mary Marshall, a resident of The Hill neighborhood who was buying her Mega Millions ticket at a convenience store on Hampton near Manchester.

What would Betty Hallie of Dogtown do with a big chunk of change like that?

“Vacation,” she says.  “Are you kidding?  You wouldn’t see me for three months, easy.”

But Hallie quickly adds that first and foremost, she’d use some of her winnings to help out the parish where she’s currently working and hand out money to family and friends.

Not everyone was dreaming of unbridled avarice and telling off the boss before entering permanent retirement.

img 2517 Big dreams fuel big Mega Millions ticket sales

KMOX/Brett Blume

Stan Chover says winning would present an opportunity for him to give back.

“I’m a pretty blessed person,” he says.  “So if I come across with the big dough I’ll give it to a bunch of people who I feel aren’t as blessed as I am.”

Either way, he’s not going to break his piggy bank trying to win.

“I never spend more than a dollar at a time,” he explains.  “It only takes one ticket to win.”

The Mega Millions drawing will take place at 10 pm Friday, Dec. 31st.

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