aswims Man charged in multiple armed robberies

Joe Clifton Swims


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) –  St. Louis police have charged a suspect in connection with a string of robberies earlier this month.

Joe Clifton Swims, 20, is being held on $250,000 bond.

He faces four counts of 1st degree robbery, two counts of 1st degree attempted robbery, six counts of armed criminal action, and one count each of tampering with a vehicle and resisting arrest.

Swims allegedly held up the Deals store on South Kingshighway on December 1st, Lee’s Chicken on S. Kingshighway on December 18th, Penn Station on Bamburger on December 27th and the KFC on S. Grand on December 28th.

Police say in each instance, Swims displayed a weapon.

He’s also suspected in attempted robberies at two other fast food restaurants on Dec. 28th, and with stealing a car in the 3900 block of Fillmore.

Swims was arrested Tuesday during a traffic stop after initially refusing to pull over for the arresting officers.

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Comments (6)
  1. moreofthesame says:

    What the article fails to mention is that this fine citizen was released from prison early for his stalwart behavior. The reason he was in jail was first degree armed robbery.

    Another case of black on black crime. Someone will immediately post that I am a racist for pointing the obvious fact that the gentleman is black. Relatives and school mates will defend this gentleman, as a good person who loves his mother.

    The fact remains that Swims is a one man crime wave. The only way to eliminate crime is to put this armed robber away until he is too old and feeble to bother anyone else.

    Nothing is said about the folks who work for minimum wage, who this man terrorised. Nothing was said about the poor woman working a minimum wage job whose car Swims stole when arrested, and will have to pay to have it repaired.

    The damage done by Swims is far more than the few dollars he stole from the business establishment. Swims terrorised the people working in those establishments, put them in fear for their lives, all because he was too good to get a job and wanted a free ride in life.

    Disgusting individual.

    1. DTRcheffy says:

      well said More

    2. anonymous says:

      and wats crazy is this is/was my boy friend of 3yrs and i had no idea he was like this all i can say is wow!!!!! this is sad

    3. Corliss L. says:


      I don’t think that you are racist, and I don’t believe that you are completely wrong. But More you are missing the fact that you are punishing Mr. Joe Swims for the crime he commited, and are not thinking of solutions to STOP things like this from happening. On avg. nearly $6,000 is spent a year for an un-armed robber on agressive lock up in just JAIL. If this young man was to go to prision, you and the people that decide his fate: guilty and unguilty, will be doing what we have been doing for a very long time, getting tough on crime.
      The idea of keeping this status quo of “Lock em’ up and throw out the key” is just not working. Sure I can agree that some people do indeed deserve to be locked up, but what I strongly believe is that these simple, “petty crimes” can be easily avoided! One good idea: stop voting to get tough on crime. Vote to help prevent these crimes from happening, by building more community centers, providing more jobs, and stop stabbing each other where it hurts the most just because you want a world where there are no bad guys. Trust me, it just won’t happen. No, not in this democratic society.
      So, instead of profiling the ” Disgusting indivisual” above, help him, and the people that are like him, because if you have so much pitty for the person behind the counter, rationalize what other reason is there for a person to do such an act. More, don’t get me wrong, you seem intelligent and all, but make sure to always tell all sides of the story, without sounding so deviant.
      Well, that is all that I have to say for now. Thank you for your time.
      – Corliss L

  2. Urban Safety Solutions says:

    Thanks to good police work this criminal is off the street.

  3. dats me says:

    and this is exactly why parent should b held accountable for their children actions up until they are 25. i know him oersonally and he is a good guy jst made the wrng decisions due to the lack of guidance. if u dont have your parents or no one else to guide u all u have left is your self at 9 and the streets. its hard ass it is for black ppl as it is but then to have ur mother walk out on u because of ur fater makes it even harder, wen u feel like the world has given up on u wat else do u do, wat do u do wen u was neva taught nonthing in life and u had to figure it out on ur own. mayb if this fucked up ass system helped and teach us instead of downing us it would be alot less crime out here. and yea he was wrng for doing wat he did but he isnt a bad person he jst made a bad mistake. i didnt c ppl talking bad about that white woman cop frm sunset hills that killed thoes 4 ppl cuz she wanted to drive drunk and didnt get nonthing but 5 yrs and prolly wont do all of them. and she took innocent ppl lives. the world is so fucked up right now thats why its coming to an end because GOD is dissapointed in how “u ppl” are going abt handlig things which make ppl like him feel like they have no other choice…..get it how u live is the only choice some ppl feel they have.

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