modot logo3 Speeding fines doubled along stretch of I 70

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) –  Signs dotting parts of Interstate 70 now warn motorists that they’re in a “Travel Safe Zone”.

“If they do get a ticket for speeding or other moving violations, the fines can be doubled,” explains Larry Welty, MoDOT’s area engineer for north St. Louis County.

However, the warning comes too late for many motorists, who found out the hard way that they’d be facing a $200 fine instead of $100 because they were 10-miles per hour over the speed limit, which is 60.

Welty says MoDOT started putting up the signs between Cypress and the St. Louis city limits at the request of several municipalities along the corridor.

“Hopefully to improve driver behavior and make the roads safer,” Welty says.

But some of those municipalities have been handing out the higher fines since last summer.

Welty points out they’re not trying to keep the double-fine zones a secret — they’ve put up bright orange markers and electronic message boards warning drivers about the policy.

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  1. moreofthesame says:

    I drive from St. Charles County on 64 to 270 N. to the airport for my job.

    If I stick to the posted limits, I put my life in jeopardy by people passing me (I drive the slow lane, not the fast one) doing 80+ miles an hour. Chesterfield, Town and Country, Creve Coeur, Maryland Heights, St. Ann and rarely the highway patrol enforce the speed limits.

    Town and Country has an double fine area already from Mason Rd. on 64 to 270, and there has been no change in drivers behavior.

    The old saying figures lie, and liars figure comes to play here. Nothing will happen to reduce the speed and the accidents untill and unless a consistent enforcement of the speed laws take place.

    Everyone has made fun of Charlack for their camera system on 170, but it has slowed down traffic for that short area covered.

    Red light cameras have become less effective, because everyone knows where they are.

    I have sent one check to the City for $100.00 at Jameson and Gravois (an expensive Ted Drewes concrete), but I know to watch out for the signs.

    Is it so out of bounds to have cameras at red lights moved around? Is it so outrageous that if we want to slow people down that the Charlack method be implemented on the entire length of the interstates?

    These are solutions that need to be debated. Until then band-aids are good for scratches, not major bleeding, and the carnage on area interstates won’t stop.

  2. letsgetserious says:

    I think it is time to get serious about slowing down the average speed in the area. Let’s put up speed cameras and DON’T post a warning sign so speeders will slow down. Move the cameras every day and make them hard to notice before they have your picture. Don’t let people pay to reduce the fine to a non moving violation. Let’s stop the agressive drivers who make the roads unsafe for everyone else. We loose way to many people to accidents that could be avoided with better speed enforcement.

    And to moreofthesame – I always hear the argument that I have to speed to keep from getting run over. Not true, I commute on 70, 270 and 40 everyday. You can drive the speed limit and let the crazies pass you up. I have never been run over, or even close to it yet.

    1. moreofthesame says:

      FYI, please read my post again, I said I am putting my life in jeopardy if I keep to the posted limits. I did not say that I speed up, I said I am forced to the slowest lane. I won’t drive 80 in the city.

      You are lucky that you have not been cut off and been put in jeopardy. Consider yourself lucky!

  3. ??????? says:

    Speed limits have nothing to do with safety. Ever drive 170 in Charlack? The flow of traffic is so messed up it’s not even funny.
    Set reasonable limits, require more driver training, and harshly penalize distracted driving. I guarantee the roads will be safer.

  4. Stlouisx50 says:

    St, Ann already was in the news for shooting laser out the window at I-70 motorists. Also for wanting speed cameras. But folks here is the facts. It’s all a money grab and here’s why. St. Ann used to give a 15 MPH tolerance just weeks ago when the speed limit was 55 MPH on I-70, then weeks later the speed limit went to 60 MPH and St. Ann Police only give 10 MPH tolerance now. You guys still think it’s about safety?

    1. moreofthesame says:

      There are 5 major tennents of Marking: Product, Place Promotion, Distribution and Price.

      A smart marketer uses a “tell” to hide a price increase, things like “new and improved,” a label redesign, heavy couponing so that the new price is hidden from the consumer unti such time as it is accepted as business as ususal.

      In the case of Charlack, St. Ann and Town and Country, they have used safety as the cover issue to divert attention from their profit motive.

      Actually that is pretty smart and will prove to be a PR guy’s dream.

      Not only is the revenue doubling, but it is cloked in improving safety.

      There are valid statistics and even common sense. The interstaes that are in the metropolitan are are not designed to handle 80 and 90 mph traffic, especially given the number of other vehicles on the road.

      I applaud these cities in their initial efforts to slow down the speed limits on the highway. The clowns who do 80 and 90 are also the ones who don’t know what a turn signal is, and often have their cell phones up to their is.

      Opponents forget the basic presmise, deriving is not a right it is a priviledge. You have to folllow the rules in orger to participate in the activity. Yes I have been nailed running a red light and sent the city my $100.00 plus fees, but I was clearly wrong and put other people in jeopardy. Personally, I would love to see speed cameras posted on a changing section constantly. I would love the city to be safer, and eliminate deficits thaat law abiding citizens have to contibut to.

      If you drive the posted limits you don’t have a thing to worry about!

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