BRIDGETON, MO (KMOX)-An amazing story out of Bridgeton Saturday evening, as a SUV goes completely through one home and hits another, and no one is hurt!

Pattonville Fire District Battalian Chief Robert Murray says when he pulled up to the scene at Bristol Hall and Whitehall Manor, “You could see directly through the one house, and you could see the back-end of the car sticking out of the second house, it was quite odd.”

No one was home at either residence at the time.

Murray says the vehicle driven by a man in his 80’s, went in through the picture window and out the back door of one house and then hit a child’s bedroom of the second, “The residents got home about 15 to 20 minutes after it happened and they said the car was resting against the baby bed.”

Murray says the driver did have a medical history, but he appeared to be fine after the accident, except he didn’t remember how it happened. 

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  1. chris says:

    Has been a little while since heard of this, but it’s too often some senior citizen who hits the gas instead of brake – even more than kids on cellphones (they tend to hit signs and rearend semi trailers). This man had a history. Hard to judge if license should be pulled if someone has such problems – it sounds like this guy had a stroke or seizure.

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