missouri capitol Mo. school districts prepare for budget cuts

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri school officials are preparing for the possibility of state budget cuts for education.

State lawmakers return to the Capitol on Wednesday and will face an estimated $500 million budget deficit. In the current budget, basic state aid to schools was held flat though a state formula called for a more than $100 million increase. Gov. Jay Nixon cut $70 million from the state aid for school transportation.

The Missouri School Boards’ Association says it is possible state officials will eliminate all transportation funding. Some schools already have trimmed bus routes or shifted local revenue to cover transportation costs.

Nixon says he hopes to avoid cutting basic education funding but that the transportation assistance is “on the watch list” for potential cuts.

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  1. The Center Square says:

    Referenced here is Missouri cutting aid for school transportation. That is something I’ve wondered about before. When I was young, there was no widespread use of buses. Parents got their kids to school. What’s wrong with that now? I’m a center-left guy, and I have three kids in public school, two of whom take a bus 2.7 miles to their school. But I don’t really NEED a school bus to get them there, do I?

  2. The Center Square says:

    P.S.: While I’m thinking about it, what about crossing guards? Do we really need paid crossing guards for schools? Again, back to my youth: students volunteered at the crosswalks, and the neighborhood moms were out in force. Eliminating, or cutting back on, school buses and crossing guards, and parents filling those roles, would probably even have the added benefit of re-connecting parents to the process of educating their kids.

  3. DaveR says:

    Do we really need busses to run hither and yon with students every night after school to football games, volleyball games, etc.

    Lets cut out on the worthless unnecessary transportation schools are doing now and back to the basics, hauling kids to and from class. PERIOD.

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