cop beat pic1 Video shows St. Louis police officer beating unarmed man

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) –  St. Louis Police are investigating a YouTube video, showing a city officer beating a suspect at a gas station with a night stick — and the American Civil Liberties Union is questioning whether the officer used excessive force. 

The video  shows what appears to be a St. Louis police officer delivering half a dozen blows and then pepper-spraying a young man.  According to eyewitnesses, the video was taken at a south city Shell station New Year’s Day. 

 In the clip, a witness remarks that the suspect told the officer to ‘shut up.’  Then the officer pulls the man from the car.   He slumps to the ground and the officer begins beating him.   Viewers can also hear a woman nearby remarking that the officer maced the man and that his  face was bloody.  

After viewing the video,  Reditt Hudson with the ACLU says the officer appears to have gone too far.  

“The ASP baton strikes are usually reserved for a subject that’s fighting with you or actively resisting,” Hudson said, “and this guy doesn’t appear to be actively resisting.”

Hudson says because the video does not offer a clear view of the suspect on the ground,  it’s unclear whether he was resisting arrest. 

In a statement St. Louis Police department says the footage is “extremely disturbing to us,” and the department has launched an Internal Affairs investigation.  The officer has been placed on desk duty, pending the outcome of the investigation.
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  1. moreofthesame says:

    The video has been taken off of You Tube, as “a violation of You Tube’s policy on shocking and disgusting content.”

    It would be nice if KMOX and the Post would take down any reference to a situation, that is not verifiable. However, that is something the media won’t do.

    Too bad journalism has lost all of it’s standards in this town.

    Either get the video up, or stop promoting it, until you know what you are talking about. What was the context of the alleged actions by the police? Does KMOX know or even care.

    Totally irresponsible behavior on their part.

    1. Ed Jr. says:

      Clearly the police officer assaulted the citizen who was not resisting at all. The excessive number of hits from the batton is also very excessive and then on top, the mace. Where was the ambulance that should have been called. And, by the way, it is not against the law to tell a cop to shut up. In fact it is not against the law to tell a cop to f* off either. Another cop who thinks he is above the law. pretty normal considering all cops know they are above the law. Thank god for the video. After all that, i bet the cop let him go so he (the cop) would get in trouble. Here’s a message for all cops, YOU ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW AND YOU CAN’T ASSAULT PEOPLE AT WILL.

    2. Mike says:

      The article features hard evidence – the video in question – along with two sides: the ACLU and a statement from city police. All accusations are attributed to sources. From the perspective of someone with a Master’s in communication, it’s a fair and just article.

      Just because the accusations don’t fit the “official account” i.e. that of the police, doesn’t make them incorrect. In fact, it’s the work of journalists to question the official story and use evidence such as video to do so. Looks like you’re the one with low journalistic standards.

    3. Dave says:

      “alleged actions?” Can you see? You SOUND like a deranged cop, willing to defend their actions regardless of the consequences. Would you feel any differently if the victim were your son?
      KMOX said that an investigation is ongoing…I read a lot more conclusions from you than them.

    4. moreofthesame says:

      Well You Tube put the video back on. I have watched several times, and I cannot tell what started the incident.

      The buddies do not appear to be doing anything which seems strange. I do not see a second officer trying to either help or if necessary restrain the first officer.

      Was the officer on duty or acting in the role of a security guard?

      I wonder why the individual who is on the receiving end did not file a complaint, or go to the media?

    5. makisupaman says:

      LOL buddy you have no idea how big this story is blowing up. You cant stop it, so dream on. You are a weak human being moreofthesame. Notice how you are the only one trying to defend the worthless p-o-s in this video on here.

      Youtube should allow ALL videos this is a free country. That is what our founders wanted. To take down this video just because a bunch of retard gov’t workers (cops and feds and detectives) told them to is what is totally irresponsible. Youtube gave in but trust me the gov’t has no control anymore. This story will get out and people will raise cane

  2. Dave says:

    At NO time does the video demonstrate any resistance whatsoever on the part of the beating victim. Since we don’t know what transpired before the video startes, I’m willing to give the policeman 2 strikes with his baton.
    However, he purposely repositions his victim and strikes several more blows, presumably simply because he is mad. If I were there, these last blows would have been stopped, and I’m big enough to do it. I would have pulled out my videocamera from 15 feet away and LOUDLY announced to the officer that he is being videotaped and asked him to stop. We don’t need sadomachocistic policemen…I can’t see any “professionalism” here. I cannot post the words of how I feel toward this thug with a badge and a gun, but actions like this DO NOT generate “good will” from the community.

  3. Not Sure says:

    I see definite and extended pauses betweens sequences of blows which indicates to me that the officer was in control of his actions.

    I see the officer attempt to get compliance through verbal commands.

    I see the detainee behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, which can be a used as deadly weapon.

    I know that the keys of the vehicle were in the ignition because, when the door swings open, the alarm goes off and, when it is closed, the alarm stops.

    I hear testimony that the detainee was refusing to surrender control of the motor vehicle.

    I do not see what led to the interaction.

    The officer doesn’t seem to have been treating others the same way, so we can only assume that there was some unusual behavior which attracted the officer’s attention.

    I see a lot of behavior at filling stations, these days, that is patently offensive and should absolutely be smashed.

    We do not want to hear your music, see your ass haning out of your pants, smell your tobacco smoke or be in danger of being run over by your DWI.

    1. makisupaman says:

      In control? As in on a complete power ego trip control? The people in the car were shocked. The kid was not fighting back you know it. He was on the ground. The young generation does not stand for this type of stuff. Any other profession and you would go to jail for ASSAULT for doing this. This officer WILL be fired and WILL have his life ruined by a young and righteous angry public the rest of his life, rightfully so. Hope he enjoyed his ego-trip beatdown of a defenseless/lifeless kid on the ground. What a joke this cop is as a man. This post has nothing objective or abusive so I please would appreciate moderators allowing this post to be seen.

  4. jane doe says:

    what i cant understand is why no one called the cops or why there was no arrest report at that time it was taken seems silly im sure they can narrow it down or if an employee from shell saw anything hello video cameras… this went way too far and im ashamed of the police department they took advantage of their jobs and should be fired!!!!

  5. Jess says:

    There is one brief moment where it appears as if the cop is using his baton across the guys ass. Is it right? No, but he does walk away from his “spanking” and it would explain why the other bystanders weren’t completely freaking out.

  6. moreofthesame says:

    My it seems that the various morons who demanded the cop be shot and then tried showed their true mental capacity, just plain stupid.

    As I said, the video only shows a portion of what happened, and does not show the causation.

    I hate to remind Ed Jr., Mike, Dave, and Jane Doe that:
    A. The officer was not on duty but acting as a private security
    B. The “victim’s” buddies asked the cop to come out of the station to control their drunken rowdy buddy.
    C. The station owner says that, “the victim, had hold of the officer’s leg or ankle;s and the officer was defending himself.
    D. There is another video not released.

    So keep on ranting and raving like the maniacs that your are, make up your minds without the facts, you just prove how stupid and prejudiced the general public is.

    You see half the facts and jump to conclusions, what a holes.

    1. 124Sport says:

      Obviously this a** clown deserved whatever he got…which judging from the look of him as the cop walks him away, was not all that bad. Obviously, the fellas standing around watching (friends of his?…carjacking victims?) didnt think the cop was behaving out of line. Get a clue people.

      1. makisupaman says:

        You sir are a retard. Like this cop. I bet you are fat and worthless to humanity like this cop as well. This cop WILL lose his job once this goes global tomorrow, and he WILL get his soon. death threats and worse. but its not like losing a job as a cop should be a big deal. it takes no formal education and is just like losing a job as a trashman.

    2. mick says:

      What’s your badge number and what precinct do you work in, doofus? Your post is at 9:04 am so you must not even have a job or maybe just a dogmeat shift-worker with all the answers.

  7. julie hawkes says:


  8. mick says:

    When I see behavior like this by a tinhorn rent-a-cop, I don’t feel so bad when I read or hear of one getting killed in the “line of duty”.
    If this victim had a cc license and weapon, he could have shot the oinker in self-defense.

  9. makisupaman says:

    YouTube is weak for doing this. This cop is not only worthless to humanity, he obviously eats too much and is thus detrimental to humanity. Beyond that, he has anger and sadness issues (likely from being a cop and overweight, the lowest of lows), and only has a G.E.D. He will get his VERY soon from an outraged public. This fat ego trips worthless piece of you-know-what life is about to be turned upside down for worthy reason.

  10. makisupaman says:

    Multiple reports are now confirming the kid was not even driving the vehicle. He was a passenger. Beyond that, the cop, like all cops, is a worthless depressed fat retard with only a G.E.D. and on a power trip from having an ugly wife

  11. makisupaman says:

    I see all these people on here blasting the kid for being drunk. Alcoholics are usually much older human beings and are driving around 24/7 among us. They are the ones deserving such beat downs along with this cop himself. It is sad when being a U.S. law enforcement officer does not even require a high school diploma. The cops on the streets are on the same level as janitors and yet they get to shoot anybody that doesn’t listen to them. What a joke. This cop has it coming BIGTIME and I love it. His life WILL be ruined. mark my words. I know the victim. Justice will be served OUTSIDE the law system that failed us bigtime here.

    1. moreofthesame says:

      Morons, don’t even consider the cop was acting as a guard for the Shell station. Don’t even consider that the drunk’s buddies asked the cop for help controlling their friend who was out of control. Don’t consider that the drunk grabbed the cop on the leg and ankle (do that to any officer and you will get the snot knocked out of you deservedly so) and finally don’t even consider that the owner of the station said the Cop was defending himself.

      If the drunk was so brutalized, why didn’t his friends help him? Why did he get up and walk away without resistence or any limp, and finally why was he a bloody mes.

      Gee makisupaman, haven’t you heard of young drunks, or do they prevent you at the happy home from the news. Get back on your medications, you need them. Then ask your attendant to call Mick and offer him rehab.

  12. mick says:

    more of the same must be a doughnut eater with a badge, considering his strange posts. The reality is this Nazi storm trooper hiding behind a badge will be fired, prosecuted, sued, and run out of town. Hopefully the victim will get restitution and become the owner of that gas station. The city is also liable for the actions of this Gestao idiot and will probably get drug into the lawsuit. This porker has shown a pattern of violent brutality and it’s time for him to move on. What a disgrace he is to the real policemen.

  13. mick says:

    I noticed moreofthesames posts are all during standard working hours. Sounds like a frustrated, unemployed bum with an attitude or a Wal-Mart knucklehead waiting to go to work on the afternoon shift. The intellectual content of the posts is indicative of a janitorial type of individual.

  14. johnn says:

    the video doesnt show the whole story but if the kid had a wrap on the off duty p.o.’s legs & ankles thats a dangerous situation and the man was most likely hitting him to get the drunk off his legs. that’s a very compromising position and how does the man know if the kid is armed in any way or his intentions. sounds like to me the man feared for his safety and used the baton and mace so the kid would let go.

    plus you have 2 witnesses.. a distinguished business owner working hard to make a paycheck says it was self defense and then a bunch of 23 year olds that are getting gas after a long night of drinking on new years who probably dont like cops to begin with.. you choose.

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