Worst of 2010

John relives a conversation that went downhill fast with Sherman Hemsley.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin

The former wrestler turned actor talks about his past and what the world of wrestling is really like.

Men’s Health

Lou Schuler has written a book called The New Rules of Lifting for Abs.  John discovers there’s not much as you would think behind the secret of eventually developing a six-pack.

Hollywood Gossip with Janet Charlton

John gets the latest from tinsel town as Janet always has some juicy, new dirt about our favorite pop culture icons.

Attorney Alan Freed

What is collaborative divorce?  Local attorney Alan Freed joins John to discuss what is.  Check out his book that he co-wrote Divorce in Missouri.


You obviously remember her from the sitcom Roseanne, actress, comidenne, and now radio host Roseanne Barr has wrote a new book called Roseannearchy.  John talks with her about the new book and what she is currently doing.


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