img 1144 Firefighters give to Sunset Hills tornado fund

SUNSET HILLS, MO (KMOX)-A week after they combed through rubble looking for tornado victims, Mehlville firefighters Friday presented a check to help those same victims rebuild their lives.

The Firefighters Union members raised the money at various fund-raisers during the year.  Union President Nick Fahs says it was one way the firefighters could repay the citizens, who helped them in the storm’s aftermath, “They were even telling me to watch where I walked and be careful. You can just tell this is a very special community.”

Mayor Bill Nolan says the Sunset Hills Tornado Assistance Fund  fund has already raised upwards of 50 thousand dollars. He says there is no set goal, “The goal is, on our part, to probably replace the entire life, if you consider possessions as a life, of maybe eight or nine families.”

Nolan says the fund’s first 18 thousand dollars were handed out Tuesday. Nolan says one resident, who did not have renters insurance, cried when handed the check, and then cried again when she was told there’s be more.  Nolan says she is now able to buy her son more slacks to wear to school, because he had only one pair left after the storm.

The fund also got a big unexpected boost on Friday. During the firefighters’ donation ceremony in the council chambers,  a man walked into city hall and quietly wrote out a check for $10,000.

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