On behalf of Operation Homefront Missouri, the Teamsters Joint Council 13, Carol Daniel and myself I’d like to thank you for the outpouring of good will and graciousness today.  Thanks to you 13 truckloads of the very things people will need to begin to get their lives back in order left St. Louis for Fort Leonard Wood around 1 PM  Saturday afternoon.

Special thanks go to the St. Louis County Police Department and the Missouri Highway Patrol for their assistance in helping make sure the USF Holland trucks were able to form a convoy so their cargo could get to the folks in need as quickly as possible.

Doug McElvein

a Thank You St. Louis!

Here’s the business end of one of the 10 trucks as the Teamsters go about their business of loading the goodies up.

b Thank You St. Louis!

How cold was it?  Very.  But we all stayed warm because of the steady flow of people dropping items off.

c Thank You St. Louis!

After all was said and done all the trucks gathered and got ready to head out on I-44 to Fort Leonard Wood.

d Thank You St. Louis!

Just a few of the Teamsters who helped out.

e Thank You St. Louis!The trucks left shortly after 1 PM Saturday afternoon with a Missouri Highway Patrol escort to help them along the way.


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