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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — Actor, singer, song writer, and broadway super star Idina Menzel is making her way to the Gateway City this weekend. Ahead of her sold out performance at Powell Hall, Total Information AM’s Debbie Monterrey got a chance to talk to the Tony winner.

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Idina Menzel at Powell Hall

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Debbie: You’ve been in so many shows that I love Rent, Wicked, you’re in Glee now. For folks who would like to check you out a Powell, tell us what kind of show they can expect?

Menzel: “They can expect quite a range of different genres of music. I’m going to cover some of the songs that I’m known for from the musicals that I’ve been in. But I’m also going to do some standards, and some of my own music.”

Debbie: Can you tell the Glee fans out there if we’ll be seeing you more in any of the upcoming shows?

Menzel: “It was such a wonderful experience. I’m hoping to be back there. Ya know, we’ll see what happens and where they’re going with the story line.”

Debbie: What’s your take on current broadway?

Menzel: “I think the projects that really do the best are shows that come from your heart, or from experiences.”

Debbie: Now you’re not just a singer you’re also a song writer too. You’ve released several albums. How is that process for you?

Menzel: “I love writing music and its been something that I’ve been doing for years and years. Its a nice balance from being on stage. Being in the theater is very communal and family orientated, and being in the studio is much more solitary.”

Menzel: “On the other hand the difference between singing for a character and singing you’re own music isn’t as different as people would think. I’m alway equating some part of my soul in what I’m doing whether its behind the green make up or just singing about my life.”

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Comments (4)
  1. Mary says:

    It’s Idina, not Indina. Just FYI. Might want to fix that.

    Enjoy the show everyone!

  2. Michael says:

    Again, same issue with the contractions. One “its” and the wrong “you’re.”
    ‘You’re” is a contraction of “you are.” In this sentence it is incorrect. The correct word is “your.” As in “singing your own music.”

    Does KMOX or CBS not have an editor or someone who proof-reads the articles these reporters write? They are horribly written.

  3. rarefreyusa says:

    While we’re proofing, I believe we meant “soul” rather than “sole” also.

  4. Michael says:

    And “always” rather than “alway.”

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