ST. LOUIS (AP) — The long-delayed Ballpark Village in St. Louis is moving forward.

A city agency on Wednesday approved up to $47 million in tax revenue bonds. Aldermen will consider the proposal next. After that, the plan must go through the Missouri Department of Economic Development and the Missouri Development Finance Board.

Plans call for the 10-acre site near Busch Stadium to include retail and office space, restaurants and entertainment.

Proposals for Ballpark Village were first announced before the Cardinals opened the new stadium in 2006. The project has stalled because of a variety of factors, including the sluggish economy.

The Cardinals are developing the project along with Cordish Co. The team hopes to open Ballpark Village in 2013.

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Comments (2)
  1. agree it's time to cut the fat says:

    Thats right Mr Mayor, let’s spend some more money to impress Mr Fleming of the RCGA, St Louis city can afford to gamble another 47 million, we can lay off half our police force and close a dozen firehouses.

  2. DrSchiller says:

    Assuming this comment is published, I credit KMOX and CBS for facilitating rebuttal to their own “news”.

    There is obviously a St. Louis City Baseball Cardinal Apologist on staff at KMOX.

    They read stories as if they are Gospel during morning newscasts but, the stories are not included in with the rest of the local news website links.

    You have to search for them. The search says the article was generated on 1/18, but, it was published 1/19; so, it is what is referred to as “buried”.

    “Buried”, meaning, “filed in a way impossbke to find through use of logic.”. I guess it took DeWitt, Slay and Flemming a day to reveiw and O.K. the article.

    Even so, the article above is not the one that was read on air this a.m.(1/22).

    The article read this morning, stated an OPINION: “the STL Baseball Cardinals are waiting to proceed with development of Ballpark Village until they have other private investment and the faith and credit of the City of Saint Louis.” I almost choked trying to swallow that whopper!

    After all the lies, what faith could the city of Saint Louis POssibly have in The StL Baseball Cardinals? What credit could the City of Saint Louis hope to lend?
    They’re as broke an egg shell! Crushed. They can’t even pay their firefighters.

    The StLBaseball Cardinals promised to have spent $60 million on Ballpark Village by the end of last year.

    Interest and penalties on that amount would bring it to $65 million, (+/- $2 mil).

    I call on the StLBaseball Cardinals to place the sum of $65 million, in escrow, with the City of Saint Louis, for the exclusive purpose of building ballpark Village, before making any further mention of, or false claims about, Ballpark Village.

    Those overpaid steroid freaks (McGwire) should pack, get out of town, and stop sucking the value out of the pockets of the citizens of the City of Saint Louis.


    Dr Schiller,
    Lawson Elementary

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