Charlie talks with Peg Zitko, VP-Public Affairs for the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Foundation, who says their Fdn. raise over $600 million in private funding for renovations on the Statue of Liberty. Charlie asks, why can’t St. Louis raise private funds for St. Louis Archgrounds renovations.

What happened to St. Louis’s population after World War II? Why did people move from the City to the suburbs? Colin Gordon, Univ. of Iowa Professor and author of “Mapping Decline: St. Louis and the American City”, explains. (Mr. Gordon is speaking at the Mo. History Museum, Sat. Jan. 29, 1:00 PM.)

Charlie talks with two-time Grammy winning Singer/Songwriter Ray Stevens about his new DVD, “We the People”, featuring his new song, “The Skies Aren’t Friendly Anymore”. (DVD available at

Comments (2)
  1. Kay Bowman says:

    Charlie, I heard you talking today about a cruise, that would go to Rome and other places. I didn’t get the details. When is it, what is the cruise line, and how do I get more information?

  2. Linda Good says:

    You think you have strange weather, in the last 2 days we have got at least 10 inches of snow then it rained and there was a “streak” of lightning and roar of thunder, hope all are safe tonight. Just call me “Mother Nature”.

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