Kevin Killeen

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – It looks like taxpayers won’t get off cheap when it comes to footing the bill for this week’s snow removal.

MoDOT’S assistant District Engineer Tom Blair says they’re still tallying the exact cost of clearing the roads, but – when you launch an army of snow plows throwing salt and chemicals – the costs add up fast. “For the St. Louis region, we’re looking at $300 to $350 per minute,” Blair said.

St. Louis Streets Director Todd Waelterman says there’s a lot to add up in the wake of his team’s fight against the winter weather: “The salt used, the labor used, plus the overtime costs” explained Waelterman. “Then you have the wear and tear on the equipment.”

Adding it all up, Waelterman says this storm will end up costing the city $450,000 for snow removal from this storm.

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