Michael Calhoun

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – There’s a new reason to scrape all that ice off your car.

If a chunk of it breaks away, flies through the air and shatters somebody else’s windshield, you’re liable for the damage.

“Take a broom and just sweep off your car, get all the ice and snow off, take that scraper to the windshield,” State Farm spokesman Jim Camoriano recommends. “Get everything off your car and make sure it’s clean, because that’s the standard that insurance companies are going to look at.”

If you’re the victim, try to get a license plate number and remember what kind of car the ice missile came from. And remember that comprehensive, not collission, is the deductible you’ll be paying for the fix.

“If a deer strikes your vehicle, they think it’s under collision, but that’s also comprehensive,” Camoriano said, of a similar type of incident. “Anything that strikes your vehicle like that.”

He said the same philosophy goes for those with homeowners insurance. Knock down those icicles and clear the walkways to avoid liability.

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