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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Chants of “Sign Albert!” could be heard outside of Busch Stadium this afternoon as a crowd gathered to urge Cardinals management to sign the three-time MVP.

The rally, organized via Facebook, was titled “Five 4 Life” and drew fans from both Illinois and Missouri in support of the slugger.

One fan, Kelly, drove from Glen Carbon and says she is a former season ticket holder.

“I can’t imagine the Cardinals without him,” she said. “It would be totally different not having him on the team anymore.”

Another Cardinal fan, Kerry, travelled to Busch from St. Peters.

“Pujols is my generation’s Stan Musial,” he said. “For all of those people who never got to see Stan, this is it for me.”

An organizer of the event, meanwhile, says the loss of Pujols could cripple the organization.

“They could barely be drawing fifteen thousand people to a game. There’s going to be empty seats and they’re going to lose advertising revenue.”

Pujols and the team continue to negotiate a contract expected to be in the area of 10 years, 300 million dollars.

But the superstar wasn’t the only popular Cardinal on the mind of “Five 4 Life” attendees.

“The first thing I did when I found out he signed the minor league contract was call my wife,” one man said. “She’s a huge Jim Edmonds fan.”

Another fan said he questions the logic behind bringing back an aging star in place of youngsters John Jay and Allen Craig.

Photos of the rally can be found here.

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Comments (5)
  1. Norm says:

    Sure, let’s commit $300.000,000 over the next ten years to one player….are you people nuts? Invest one third of that money in 3-5 everyday players over the next 4-5 years instead….”one man does not a team make in a team sport”.

  2. Brandon says:

    I don’t follow baseball however i agree with you Norm. If fans quit on the cards because he leaves or the team has a few bad years then they weren’t real fans. Cards have been around long before Pujols and will be long after he’s gone.

  3. Paula says:

    St. Louis has been really good to Albert and his family…. he is asking too much…. if he left I would not cry…. if he would keep his current salary and just be happy here… well that would make me happier. The althletes make too much… WAY TOO MUCH!!! Where do we finally draw the line?? Albert.

  4. Loyal Cards Fan says:

    It would be very disappointing if Albert leaves St Louis, but not the end of the franchise… We will be Cardinal baseball with or without Albert… Go Cardinals!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    The Cardinals team comes first. Everything else aside, how could it be good business to have most of your payroll wrapped up in one player. How could it make for good relations among players to know one is so highly valued over the rest. Players have come and gone, but the Cardinals are forever. Go Cards.

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