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Kyle Steffens
Open-wheel dirt racer Kyle Steffens joins us to talk his experience on the dirt track at The Chili Bowl this past month

David Caldwell
GM Communications Manager David Caldwell joins us to talk about the new Convertable Camero, the hit car of the St. Louis Auto Show

NASCAR Roundtable
Our all-star roundtable of NASCAR experts, fans, racers and team owners joins us to talk all thigns NASCAR – the upcoming season, the new point system, the redesign of Daytona and more. The NASCAR roundtable features : KMOX News Announcer Brad Choat, Spire Sports and Entertainment owner Lenny Batyki, racecar driver Jesse Smith and MV Motor Sports team owner Mike Mittler.

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  1. Chris wynn says:

    toyota Keyless system Subj: Toyota Reference# 1102220347 Feb 21, 2011 [Incident: 110306-000107]

    Thank you for contacting Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. We appreciate your consideration and hope to have your email addressed as quickly as possible. Our current office hours are Monday through Friday from 5 AM to 6 PM and Saturday 7 AM to 4 PM Pacific Time. If you need immediate assistance, we recommend you contact the Customer Relations Manager at your local Toyota dealership.

    Discussion Thread
    Customer By Web Form (Chris Wynn) 03/06/2011 12:52 PM
    Statement …. Reference …Toyota Reference# 1102220347 Feb 21, 2011. No reply and apparent no concern. I will elaborate . On Saturday February 19 ,,,, my mother in laws car 2011 Toyota Avalon would not start. … she had scheduled meetings and so she found other transportation. On Sunday February 20 … she asked me to come over. The battery was completly dead … a situation she had previously encountered and Weise Toyota had put a new battery in her car & said the problem was fixed. We called AAA and a very courteous professional came out. He spent nearly an Hour to try to figure out how to get the Avalon to start. During this time … He & I went through the owners manuael looking for some sort of reference that would aid us . We found none. Monday AM 2-21 we called Lou Fusz toyota and spoke with Mike. Mike said … there is no way to jump car & start and said I should call AAA and have them tow it to his service on Manchester Road. He ( MIKE ) told me to call AAA and tell them it was to be charged to Toyota Warrenty service. I called at 7:38 AM … per my cell phone records and when I reached them they said there is no such arrangement with Toyota. I called Mike back and he said we would have to call his tow company and we did. When the tow company arrived …. the driver … a very nice man … was after about 15 minutes able to try some things with the locks and was able to start the vehicle. At this time …. he advised us we owed him for the service call or he could tow it to the service center under the warranty ( something that Mike told us was the only way to get the vehicle fixed … he never told us there was and Even Stated there was no way to start the car by jumping it) so we had him tow it as this is the 2nd time this has occured and needed the vehicle fixed. The AAA man had never heard of a car that could not be jumped with a dead battery. The car was towed and arrived at Lou fusz about 9:30 ( check with tow driver … Lou Fusz’s select tow company). My mother in law … lois Pruitt and I went up to Lou Fusz about 11:00Am to talk with Mike . He said they could not get it in to look at it till Tuesday but … would arrange a pre-scheduled oil change to done that day and they would jump. Since the driver had shown us that it was possible. Later that day my mother in law went up after being called that the car was OK. MIKE said at that time her problem was she did not drive the car enough ( She had used it a lot that previous week including Friday ) . MIKE said the car needed to be driven every day to keep the battery up . Do you consider this to be true ?? Mike said the low mileage was her problem . Do you consider this to be true??? We are quite concerned about the lack of information when we spoke with Mike initually. The questionable statements and …. that he took her credit card information so he could charge her for the tow. Mike will give us no instructions on how to deal with this if it happens again. Third time may be a charm …. but it would be better to gain this information NOW. Even though I consider it absurd to charge her after all his ( MIKES ) instructions were followed now …. he’s calling her because he has lost some information on her credit card. Some day …. this problem on not being able to jump the car ( for whatever reason ) is going to cause some one harm … I hope Toyota finds the wisdom in curing this problem now and i beleive that some fair response is due my mother in law and some training is directed toward Mike @ Lou Fusz Toyota so he doesn’t find the warranty value above that of customer service. Best regards … Chris Wynn 314-708-0006 PS…. Keep in mind I have kept this short and will gladly elaborate more. Hopefully HER age is not a factor. C W


  2. rob says:

    I called last Saturday and asked the Atlanta picher Brandon Beechy was related to NHRA Racing greats Ezra & John Beechy all are from Kokomo Indina. I used to race with John and Ezra many years ago. I lost contact with them and was just wondering if Brandon was related?



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