Michael Calhoun

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – AT&T’s local executives fully expect lines outside Verizon stores when the iPhone goes on sale.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t try and convince you to stay at home.

“The iPhone is a great product, but at the end of the day it’s all about the network,” said Nancy Garder, AT&T Missouri’s Vice President for Mobility.

The company, she explained, has invested almost $2 billion to upgrade local backhaul capacity and to add new cell tower sites.

“We have the fastest network in St. Louis. We also have the fewest dropped calls. The St. Louis network is really rock solid and we’ve not experienced those issues which have appeared in someof the other markets.”

Signal problems in cities likes San Francisco and New York have been well-publicized. It’s provided somewhat of a bonding experience for iPhone customers, as well as fodder for technology blogs.

AT&T is emphasizing the ability for its customers to simultaneously be on a phone call and surf the internet, something not supported by Verizon’s network.

Garvey led reporters on a tour of the company’s Chestnut Street, high-rise operations center in downtown St. Louis.

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Comments (3)
  1. Tim says:

    I would whole-heartedly agree. I literally have tried every cell phone service in the St. Louis and the surrounding area, and by far I am very pleased with AT&T!

    1. Vinicius says:

      I have a droid and an iPod touch. I wouldn’t get an iPhone if you gave it to me for free. Once my iPod touch dies, I will have nhnoitg to do with Apple ever again. The android os is so much more intuitive. For example, if I follow a link on my ipod that sends me to YouTube, there is NO function to go back to where I came from! I have to close YouTube and renavigate to the site or app where I linked from. On the droid, I just hit the back key. iTunes is very restrictive and harder to use, imho. Many Amazon MP3 titles are cheaper. The device connects to my pc and acts as another drive so I can simply drag and drop files. You have to pay for Mobile Me on iPhone, using gmail to synch your contacts is free! iPhone data plan is more expensive than other data plans. I love the google navigate feature on my droid and its FREE! I can change my battery! I can upgrade my sd card and get more memory! I could go on and on .

  2. Proramast says:

    Maria, thank you for heplful additional info. I did not know a company named TUCKY , but I would assume that a company would make a tuck look system. Do you owe any vintage handbag that have tuck lock? How do you like it and what you think it compare to current pad lock?

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