Mike Claiborne

As the clock continues to click toward the first day of spring training and the hope the snow will be gone once and for all for 2011, the issue isn’t who looks good in Jupiter or who impressed the manager with the first rounds of catch.  It’s one word that sums it up… Albert.

When or will Albert Pujols sign? Check that… when will he sign with the Cardinals?

Pujols’ self-imposed deadline of a deal before spring training has created such anxiety in Cardinal Nation that we are on the verge of people running into the street as if the TV weather man has issued a severe snow storm that’s on the way. Wait… it’s the weather man and his success rate recently would not ensure him a long-term contract for his performance.

Back to Albert. What is somewhat amusing is the fact that it has been reported that both sides agreed not to discuss negotiations via the media. Good move.  Only if both sides have agreed to it, then why is everyone reporting on the progress or in this case lack of?

Who really knows what’s going on?  Or is this part of a negotiation ploy for one side to get the other side to negotiate?  Negotiations of this level come with a variety of methods to help get the deal done as both sides work to protect and in this case enhance their interest. Fair enough, so let’s get to negotiating.

As for the fans, I have one bit of advice. Settle down.

There is nothing you can do. We are at the mercy of both sides in this deal and they will work at their pace as there will be no mulligans issued. It will take time and the fact that there is no daily briefing is fine with me.

I have nothing but time. I would just as soon wait for an official announcement where we all find out at the same time compared to the unnamed sources who at times are getting fifth hand information or enhanced speculation conjured up around the water cooler. In this age of convenience and conversation, do people even convene around a water cooler?


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