Fred Bodimer

YONKERS, NY (KMOX) –  Consumer Reports is out with a new study which finds many common generic drugs actually beat brand names when it comes to safety, efficacy, and cost. 

KMOX Health Editor Fred Bodimer reports that the magazine’s study claims many customers have yet to take advantage of discount programs which offer generic drug prescriptions for $4-a-month at retailers like Kmart, Target and Walgreens.

“Generic drugs work just as well as expensive brand-name drugs.  They are every bit as effective,” says Lisa Gill, prescription drug editor for Consumer Reports.  ” They are in some cases even safer since they’ve been on the market longer and we know a lot more about them.  And they cost about 80% less than the branded drugs.”

She gives one example:  for moderate pain, generic ibuprofin is a better bet than Celebrex and costs a fraction of the brand name’s cost of about $139 a month.

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